Jing Haipeng, a super astronaut: Always ready to accept the selection of the motherland

 Jing Haipeng, a super astronaut: Always ready to accept the selection of the motherland

Above: Jing Haipeng (left) is in training. Authors provide

Forty years ago, manned space flight in China was still a distant dream in peoples minds.

Today, 11 astronauts have six questions about space, traveled 68 days and nights, made 1089 rounds around the earth, traveled more than 460 million kilometers, and completed more than 100 experiments and experiments in space science.

As an astronaut, I feel extremely proud and glorious, and more able to integrate my personal dream into a new era of happiness. Jing Haipeng, the winner of the title of Pioneer of Reform and a senior Chinese astronaut, said, To be able to grow into an astronaut, to realize one dream after another, and to climb one step after another in life is the result of the education and training of the Party and the people, and is the inspiration of the motherland for me to fly in the sky.

In March 1985, the Air Force Flight Academy enrolled pilots in Jing Haipengs school.

After layer by layer selection, Jing Haipeng with blue sky dream was admitted to the Second Air Force Aviation Preparatory School as he wished. After five years of study in the Pre-school and the Flight Academy, he graduated with excellent grades and became a glorious fighter pilot.

Dare to dream, dare to pursue dreams, diligent in fulfilling dreams. After learning about the selection of astronauts, Jing Haipeng, who has been in the flying force for 13 years, began to strive for the dream of above the blue sky - to become an astronaut.

In January 1998, Jing Haipeng fulfilled his wish and became the first astronaut in China.

Willing to fight for the motherlands manned space industry for life. Jing Haipeng always remembers his oath, The promise of the flag is my first intention, choose to fly, choose to persist.

From the first batch of Chinese astronauts to the first flight in 10 years, Jing Haipeng devoted himself to the study of space knowledge and hard training. Get up at 6:30 every day, start training at 8 oclock, and study theory until late at night. To familiarize himself with the main points of training, he had to review the training process every night before going to bed.

Year after year, never forget your first heart. Jing Haipeng marched on the Feitian Road, leaving behind a brilliant image for Chinas manned spaceflight undertakings. In September 2008, Shenzhou VII manned spacecraft successfully entered space and successfully completed its extravehicular activities. In June 2012, Shenzhou 9 manned spacecraft successfully entered space and successfully completed its automatic rendezvous and manual rendezvous and docking with Tiangong I target spacecraft. In November, the Shenzhou 11 manned spacecraft successfully entered space, realizing for the first time the medium-term on-orbit stationing of Chinese astronauts.

Now, Jing Haipeng, 52, is in good condition. He said: I am always ready to accept the re-selection of the motherland, strive for more space, and win a few more battles, so that the vast space witnesses the absolute loyalty of a Communist Party member, revolutionary soldiers, Chinese space fighters in the new era!

Do you want to fly? When asked questions, Jing Haipeng, as the only Chinese astronaut in Three Space, always replies, To return to space and fly many times is the aspiration of all astronauts in the world. As a Chinese astronaut, I must always be ready to accept the choice of the motherland, which is the mission entrusted to us by the new era! uuuuuuuuu (Han Fuye)

Source: Liable Editor of PLA Newspaper: Yao Wenguang_NN1682