Beijing police have uncovered a case involving extra-large cross-border underground money banks involving more than 30 billion yuan

 Beijing police have uncovered a case involving extra-large cross-border underground money banks involving more than 30 billion yuan

Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned this morning from Beijing Public Security Bureau that on January 7 this year, under the guidance and coordination of the Economic Investigation Bureau of the Ministry of Public Security and the Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan offices, the Beijing police and the Macao police worked closely together to uncover a cross-border underground banking case involving more than 30 billion yuan, and arrested 39 suspects.

Previously, the Beijing Public Security Bureau found a suspected criminal clue of an underground money bank in Xumou. The Beijing police attached great importance to it. They set up a special case team headed by the Economic Investigation Team and mobilized skilled police from Chaoyang Branch Bureau and other units to carry out case detection. After analyzing a large number of accounts and transaction data, and carefully arranging a large number of basic work for the relevant personnel and organizations, the task force has accurately grasped the criminal facts of registering and applying for POS machines within the territory of the groups involved, illegally transferring them to Macao, and then organizing the members of the groups to go to Macao, and illegally arresting them in the casinos as gamblers with the demand for Hong Kong dollars and Macao dollars, and successfully locking them up. Thirty-nine members of the core group, headed by Xu Mou, and hundreds of credit card Swipers who violate the rules of exchange of Hong Kong dollars and Macao dollars. In November 2018, Beijing police filed a case for suspected illegal business operation by Xu Mou and others.

As the case involves a large number of people, a wide geographical area and large funds, the suspects frequently enter and leave Guangdong and Australia every day. In order to track the suspects track in real time and find out the facts of the case comprehensively, the task force set up a front-line headquarters in Zhuhai, and established a notification mechanism with the relevant departments in Zhuhai, so as to grasp the dynamics of the personnel involved in the case between Guangdong and Australia. At the same time, the Front Command coordinates with the Macao Police Department to obtain comprehensive and fixed evidence of gangscrime sites, trajectories and criminal facts in Macao, which provides strong support for the unified collection of networks.

On January 7, Beijing police dispatched more than 100 police forces to arrest early-stage locked-in personnel in Beijing, Hebei, Hubei, Guangdong and Macao. They arrested 39 suspects in one fell swoop, frozen the funds involved in the case, amounting to more than 150 million yuan and 24 million Hong Kong dollars, seized more than 4 million Hong Kong dollars in cash, four vehicles involved, 32 illegally modified POS machines and a large number of computers. Bank cards and other related articles. The successful investigation of the case is also the first case of Beijing and Macao police jointly cracking down on cross-border underground banking.

Source: Beiqing Net - Beijing Youth Daily Author: Editor-in-Charge of Ye Wan: Xiao Qi_NN6799