Disturbance of land compensation for coal mine demolition and relocation Villagers suspected of being misappropriated by others

 Disturbance of land compensation for coal mine demolition and relocation Villagers suspected of being misappropriated by others

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Why is the land compensation for coal mine demolition muddled? (Source:)

Comrade Editor:

Inner Mongolia Yitai Jingyue Suancigou Mining Co., Ltd. has been mining coal in our village for a long time. We moved the whole village in 2008. According to the agreement, we can get the corresponding amount of land income compensation fee according to the detailed land expropriation area and land attachments.

However, the data published by the villagerscommittees in previous years are seriously inconsistent with the actual situation. Some villagers data are seriously false, and some villagersdata are too little. We have reflected to many departments that they have never been dealt with fairly. When will the problems we have reflected be solved fairly? Please pay attention to your customs declaration.

Some Villagers of Data Village, Xuejiawan Town, Zhungeer Banner, Ordos City, Inner Mongolia

When will the compensation for land income be paid once every eight years?

Data Village is located in the southern mining area of Xuejiawan Town, Zhungeer Banner, Ordos City. It consists of Data Society, Yangpo Society, Nanping Society and Shenshuigou Society. It has more than 400 families and nearly 1000 villagers. On January 6, the reporter came to Data Village for field investigation. Several large chimneys around Data Village were emitting thick white smoke. No one lived near the coal mine field.

At the end of 2004, Inner Mongolia Yitai Jingyue Suancigou Mining Co., Ltd. entered Data Village. In 2008, large-scale mining began. It is decided by the government and the village committee to expropriate village land and subsequent relocation in Kaiming Coal Mine. The villagersopinions have not been solicited in any form beforehand. One villager said, At that time, some people opposed the relocation, but it would be dangerous if they did not relocate, because coal mining is underground operation, the ground may collapse if the underground is hollowed out. To this end, Data Village began to relocate in 2008.

Around land expropriation and relocation, the reporter learned from Zhungeer Banner Land and Resources Bureau that the Data Village Committee, as Party A, and the Banner Land and Resources Bureau, as Party B, signed two agreements in batches, namely, the Agreement on Relocation of Immigrants and the Agreement on Collection of Projects. The Agreement on Project Collection clearly states that the collective land of Data Village should be levied for the project construction of Inner Mongolia Yitai Jingyue Suancigou Mining Co., Ltd. and the compensation fees can be divided into land compensation fee and resettlement subsidy fee and ground attachment compensation fee. The Agreement on Migration and Relocation clearly states that Inner Mongolia Yitai Jingyue Suancigou Mining Co., Ltd. relocates the villagers of Data Village in its coal mining area. Compensation fees are divided into land income subsidy, housing compensation fee and attachment compensation fee. Both agreements clearly indicate that land expropriation is measured on the spot and attachments are counted, and the specific amount of the above fees is included, together with a detailed list of land and attachments for each household.

However, many villagers do not know about this, some of them also questioned the standard and scope of the levy. The village has always said that the attachments on the ground only include houses, economic forests. Why dont shrubs count? Are they true or false? Afterwards, the reporter checked the staff peak of Zhungeer Banner Mining Development Coordination Service Center and said that it belongs to the category of levy.

At the same time, according to the relevant policies of Zhungeer Banner, compensation for land income is paid once every eight years. But some villagers worry, How many years can we make up for it? When is the replenishment time? Journalists consulted relevant documents issued by Zhungeer Banner Government in 2008, 2012 and 2013, including the eight-year provisions. In 2013, Banner Rural Collective Land Expropriation Compensation and Resettlement Method clearly stipulates that mined-out areas, fire areas or all kinds of land that will become subsidence areas within two years according to mining plan have been formed, with one-time compensation for 8 years. After the expiration of the eight-year period, regardless of the length of the mining period, the one-time compensation that fails to meet the permanent levy standard after two compensations shall be made up according to the permanent levy standard, and the interest on the total amount of the permanent levy shall be increased by 1. In this regard, some villagers said never know and nobody told us.

Land income compensation is confused and villagers suspect being falsely claimed or misappropriated by others

Apart from the ignorance of the expropriation policy, the villagersbiggest concern is when and how much land income compensation money is available. It is understood that during the period of measuring land and counting attachments on the ground, villagers reported that Zhao Laicun, the then village branch, and others had falsified and defrauded compensation. By August 2014, the first eight-year land income compensation was issued. The Data Village Committee announced the number of acres of land expropriated by each household and the attachments on the ground. Many villagers expressed their doubts and dissatisfaction.

Villagers for example, a villager in 2014 public revenue compensation for more than 400 mu of land, in fact, in 2018 land rights only 200 mu; on the contrary, a villager in 2014 public revenue compensation for more than 200 mu, in 2018 land rights for more than 400 mu. In the village, everybody knows who has a lot of land and what kind of land they grow. At that time, the trees hanging fruit in my home were much more than Zhao Lais, but he got 10 times the compensation fee for attachments. Why is there such a big contrast? One villager said.

The villager also took out a public notice form in 2014 and introduced the routine to reporters: Some brothers and sisters of peasant households have established their own families, but they are still registered as a household, and land data are deducted a lot. Some clearly belong to one family, but they are separated and registered, and the land data are allocated. Some people try their best to fill in water, which adds up to far more than the actual value of the family.

A villager also told reporters that the actual number of land income compensation payments and the public accounts are also different, some of which are less written, and some of which are more written. For example, one villager received more than 1.01 million yuan in compensation, more than 1.18 million yuan in public; another villager received more than 560,000 yuan, more than 1.47 million yuan in public. Where is the middle price difference? Has it been falsely claimed or misappropriated by others?

Some villagers began to look for relevant departments to reflect the confusion of land income compensation. In 2016, more than 40 villagers enclosed the waste dump of Inner Mongolia Yitai Jingyue Suancigou Mining Co., Ltd. and the Zhungeer Banner Public Security Bureau was about to detain these people for 10 days.

During the interview and investigation, the villagers also reflected that the village branch books of Data Village had long been held by the leading cadres of the villages and towns, the village director had always been dystocia, and the village accounts had been chaotic and opaque, even the situation that the books had been burned. Many things in the village are not clear to them at all.

Among them, villagers have reported Zhao Lais embezzlement of public funds, Junggar Banner Discipline Commission conducted an investigation on this, and in 2012 gave Zhao Lai a one-year stay of the Party inspection punishment. Many villagers said, The money involved in this matter, how to deal with it, but there is no further, no more. In this regard, the reporter tried to contact the Banner Discipline Commission to further understand the situation, the Banner Discipline Commission said it was inconvenient to interview.

Villagers hope to complete the land right confirmation as soon as possible, and many things will be clear.

Why are land data biased? When will the benefit compensation be clear? The reporter interviewed Zhao Laicun, the relevant government department and then village branch.

Gaofeng said that the Banner Mining Area Development Coordination Service Center is only responsible for the issuance of money. We make a detailed account of the land provided by the Land and Resources Bureau, and then transfer the money to towns and villages.

Zhang Jinxi, deputy director of Zhungeer Banner Land and Resources Bureau, said that in the past few years, villagers in Data Village did reflect the deviation of land data and the unfair compensation of income. The Banner Committee and the Banner Government had sent a working group to investigate on the spot. The land department can not do much, just cooperate. No land has been recalculated.

Reporters further learned that around the issue of Data Village, Zhungeer Banner Committee and Banner Government have sent four working groups to work on the spot, but so far there is no clear statement.

Zhao Laiyun also gave his own opinion about what the villagers reflected, What the government wants us to do, we will do it. We are all compensating according to the governments plan. We have not made any plan privately. The data are accurate and inaccurate. In the past, the government sent people to measure them, not me. Some people reflect that the measurement is missing, less, and others are measuring more. I dont know what the matter is.

In recent years, most rural areas in China have completed the work of land rights confirmation, which provides an important basis and strong guarantee for ensuring the legitimate rights and interests of farmers. But in Data Village, the work was not smooth. Some people just dont cooperate, because they have falsely reported the land area before, and in 2014 they received compensation according to the amount of falsely reported. If the land is right now, it must be exposed, so it is always deliberately stubbled and obstructed in every way.

Yang Guojun, the chairman of the Xuejiawan Town Peoples Congress and the village branch of Data Village, also introduced to reporters some disputes encountered in the villages land rights confirmation and some peoples support and distrust of land rights confirmation. In this regard, Yang Guojun also expressed that he did not understand. In the interview, many villagers said, As soon as the power is confirmed, many things will be clear.

Why is the compensation for local villagersland income a muddle? When and where is the crux? This newspaper will continue to pay attention to it.

After compilation, how can effective governance be implemented?

Why did the compensation for land expropriation of villagers in Data Village of Zhungeer Banner become a muddled account? How many farm households are not sure, how many people in each household are different, and how many household owners should be uncertain. These facts should be clear and clear at a glance. Why are there always discrepancies and discrepancies? Muddled accounts exposed the disorder of governance in Data Village.

First, the village-level organizations are scattered. Villagers have difficulties, opinions and disputes. First of all, they look for the village branch books and the village committee to reflect. However, when the original village branch books are pushed to the top, which household has more or less land, more or less compensation, and it is unclear. Moreover, for many years, the director of the village committee has not been elected, and the supporting documents are also held by cadres in the towns and villages. However, for the villagersdemands, the supporting documents from the towns and villages are not strong enough, and why the land right can not be promoted, he can only express his incomprehension. Villagersself-government should have sound grass-roots organizations, otherwise, the implementation of various policies and measures lacks working foundation.

Secondly, the concept of rule of law is indifferent. Such a large amount of compensation, there are so many differences, the distribution and distribution of disorderly, have to make people doubt whether the work is carried out in accordance with the law and regulations, whether it fully guarantees the villagersright to know, express and supervise. Of course, some villagers blocked enterprises because of unfair distribution, which is also a manifestation of the lack of the concept of rule of law.

At the same time, it also exposes that the local government has not paid enough attention to the relevant work. Land problem is the most important problem for rural peasants. If contradictions and disputes are found, we must attach great importance to them and deal with them properly. However, over the years, landless peasants have responded strongly and have they been carefully checked? Have you checked it? At present, the organization of Data Village is scattered, even land rights are not carried out smoothly, which at least shows that the local Party committee government has not put forward effective measures.

The Nineteenth National Congress of the Communist Party of China put forward the strategy of rural revitalization. Effective governance is not only one of the general requirements, but also an important basis. Effective rural governance is an important condition for rural revitalization. Now, the problem of Data Village should be cleared up first. The local Party Committee and government should also strengthen leadership, help them to improve grass-roots organizations as soon as possible, establish a rural governance system combining autonomy, rule of law and rule of virtue as soon as possible, and ensure the stable and harmonious development of rural areas.

Source: Xiao Qi_N6799, Responsible Editor of Peoples Network