A sports car rushed to the sidewalk in Shenzhen, killing 1 and injuring 5 drivers suspected of drunk driving

 A sports car rushed to the sidewalk in Shenzhen, killing 1 and injuring 5 drivers suspected of drunk driving

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A sports car crashed into the sidewalk in Shenzhen, causing 1 death and 5 injuries (Source:)

According to the official micro-blog of Shenzhen Traffic Police, the injured have been sent to hospital for treatment, and the specific conditions of the injuries are being understood (two are slightly injured, the other three are being understood). The driver who caused the accident was under control. He had alcohol on his body, did not cooperate with blowing, and was drawing blood. It was initially suspected that drunk driving was the cause of the accident.

According to Ms. Qiu, a citizen, at 8 oclock in the morning, Nantang and Yuecun were off duty when Xinhui opened the factory. When the crowds reached the intersection of Lijia Road and Environmental Protection Road, a black sports car suddenly rushed into the crowd from the opposite lane. Several workers were rushed out of the sidewalk by the car, and the car finally crashed into the shop gate by the side of the road and stopped.

Accident scene

Scene: Two women workers were pressed under the car

According to eyewitness Ms. Qiu, after a riot, she saw two women workers under the car, one of them climbed out from below, the other was not so lucky, the person was pressured by the front bumper, unconscious.

Vehicle accident

Mr. Lin was also an employee of Xinhui Kai. When the accident happened, he was at the end of the queue of people leaving work. After seeing the accident, he ran over with his workmates and saw four or five people fall to the ground. They found that someone was pressed. So several male workers wanted to lift the car to save people. They had no choice but to drive too heavy a sports car and finally failed to rescue the female workers who were pressed under the car.

Scene: The vehicle causing the accident is a black Mustang sports car.

According to Ms. Qiu, at the time of the accident, there was only one man on the bus, the driver. The man was slightly overweight and in his early 20s. After the collision, the man got out of the car and cried on the phone. They found that the man had a strong smell of wine and his face and neck were red. It revealed that the police took the man away after the citizens called the police.

Nandu reporters arrived at Lijia Road. Apart from the traffic police arriving at the scene, Henggang Street Emergency Command Center and other departments came to the scene for disposal. Lijia Road was vigilantly guarded, many citizens were watching, the dead were still in front of the black Mustang sports car, funeral home staff had arrived at the scene, family members emotionally communicated with the staff, and then the body was taken away.

Accident scene

According to Mr. Huang, the workmate of the deceased, the womans surname is Xu, 40, who has worked in the factory for more than two years.

Source: Author of Shenzhen Event: Editor-in-Charge of Chen Wencai: Xiao Qi_NN6799