Roadstar. AI announced the dismissal of co-founder and chief scientist Zhou Guang

 Roadstar. AI announced the dismissal of co-founder and chief scientist Zhou Guang

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It is reported that Roadstar. AI was founded in May 2017 by three co-founders, Tong Xianqiao (CEO), CTO and Zhou Guang (Chief Scientist). In May 2018, Roadstar. AI announced the completion of a $128 million round of financing (about 812 million yuan), led by Shuanghu Capital and Shenzhen Venture Capital Group, veteran shareholder Yunqi Capital, as well as Zhaoyin International and Yuanjung Capital and Investment. The financing became one of the highest in the field of self-driving entrepreneurship at that time.

According to the data, Zhou Guang studied in the basic class of Tsinghua University and Doctor of Artificial Intelligence, Dallas University of Texas, USA. He mainly engaged in UAV perception and machine learning, and won the championship of the Xinjiang Global Developer Competition. In terms of work, Zhou Guang worked for Baidu U.S. Unmanned Vehicle Team, mainly responsible for sensor calibration, time synchronization and perceptual depth learning algorithm.

This incident, this is the field of self-driving entrepreneurship, once again the co-founder was expelled from the company. At the same time, Roadstar. AI emphasized that the public number issued in this announcement is the only official Wechat Certified Public Number designated by the company.

How about the follow-up events, NetEase Intelligence will continue to follow up. (Xiao Yi)

The following is the announcement of Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd. on handling Zhou Guangs violation of discipline:

Figure: Screenshot of Roadstar. AI Public Notice

In accordance with Chapter II, Article 49 of the Company Law of the Peoples Republic of China and the Constitution of Shenzhen Xingxing Science and Technology Co., Ltd., the Company declares that:

Because of Zhou Guangs following behavior:

1. Long-term non-compliance with the companys internal code management rules and regulations, private code base private drawings, intentionally do not upload code and persistently teach, in the process of a project delivery by partners found that they used private code and documents to forge technical reports, which has a serious impact on the companys reputation and project delivery progress;

2. The deliberate falsification of data in a government regulatory report was found by a third party, which had a serious impact on the reputation of the company.

3. Take the lead in breaking the companys internal financial rules and regulations, and there are false public and private phenomena. In round A financing, we use our classmates to receive kickbacks.

The company has decided to dismiss Zhou Guang from all positions in the company and terminate all labor contracts with immediate effect.

The company reserves the right to further investigate Zhou Guangs legal liability.

The companys subsequent management and organizational structure will be decided and further informed by the board of directors held in the near future.

Shenzhen Xingxing Technology Co., Ltd.

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