China Discipline Commissions Discipline Commissions Discussions on the Law of Enclosure: Abnormal Relations Are the Wrong Beginning

 China Discipline Commissions Discipline Commissions Discussions on the Law of Enclosure: Abnormal Relations Are the Wrong Beginning

Looking at Chinese historical documents, we can not avoid mentioning an article, that is Ouyang Xius On Friends. Although some of these opinions are not quite in line with our times, the warnings are good words. The beginning of this article is clear and righteous: Ministers and friends said that since ancient times, only the lucky gentleman distinguished their gentlemen and villains. It is natural for all gentlemen and gentlemen to have the same way as friends, and for small people to have the same benefits as friends. Firstly, dealing with the relationship between people in work has always been a difficult problem, which can not be ignored; secondly, from the interpersonal relationship, we can judge the character of people; thirdly, how to deal with the interpersonal relationship, in fact, there are rules to follow. There are many highlights in this respect, which I will not dwell on.

From the practice of strictly administering the Party since the Eighteenth National Congress, we can see more clearly that Comrade relations are fresh and refreshing, superior and subordinate relations are well-regulated, and that resisting such unhealthy tendencies as pulling and pulling, blowing and patting is also an important aspect of the construction of a clean and honest Party style and anti-corruption work.

Some people say that unclear Comrade relations are usually manifested as three small, namely, small hilltops, small circles and small gangs. Everyone needs friends and friendships. Its human nature. The question is, what are friends and friendships? Friends are not indiscriminate between right and wrong, illegal and illegal, nor can they cover up, protect their weaknesses and cheat at at the same time. Most cases of power for personal gain, corruption and corruption show that unclear relationships are usually manifested in sharing power, resources, caring for and channeling interests, and even forming offensive-defensive alliances with each other. Some people believe that by gathering together and embracing each other, we can seize interests and hide in Tibet. But the fact is that the unclear relationship itself does not have any purity to speak of, snobbery at the end of the situation changes and instantly collapsed. This non-principled, non-bottom line friend does not know how many people have been harmed, and some people who have been clearly destroyed for a lifetime still believe it. Sad man!

Deng Xiaoping once said, The relationship between superiors and subordinates should not be transformed into the cat-and-mouse relationship that Comrade Mao Zedong has criticized many times, into the paternity or gang relationship of the monarch and minister in the old society. These exhortations are of great importance. The ugly culture of the old officialdom here can be summarized as three gates, namely, the relationship between the door-keeper, the door-official and the door-attached. To regard cadres as personal ministers and to be promoted as a gift from superiors is a distorted understanding of the normal relations within the Party. This is the typical feature of many corruption cases, such as nest cases and collusion cases, which are the ugly phenomena that must be resolutely eliminated in the political life of the Party. That thing in the small circle kills people! A lot of mistakes come from here, and mistakes start from here. The culture of three gates is not extinguished, and it is difficult to consolidate a clean atmosphere.

In fact, circles, gatekeepers and so on, just hope to extend and protect their interest chain by holding a group, holding such an idea will often lead people to go astray. People have close friends, good friends and good friends. These are good things. If you are a fox friend and a dog friend who is in bad company, pulling and pulling, blowing and patting, you may cause great disasters. The ancients have clouds: morality and justice are in harmony, fault is in harmony, fear of friends; urgency can be shared, life and death can be trusted, close friends also; willingness to talk like bait, game competition, friends also; benefit is mutual, trouble is inclined, thieves are friends. Its Yefeiye. Its clear at a glance.

General Secretary Xi Jinping warned the whole Party: We must not engage in feudal dependence, small hills, circles and gangs, or door-keepers, eunuchs or door-attachments. Something like this will happen one day! In some cases, once investigated and dealt with, a bunch of people pull out radish and bring out mud. One of the important reasons is the formation of a de facto personal attachment. From the practice of strictly administering the Party in an all-round way, we have been told that maintaining good, civilized, pure, refreshing and regular comrade and superior-subordinate relations is not only a necessity of political life within the Party, but also an important experience of self-preservation, honesty and continuous progress.