The British man was stabbed 150 knives to pull out his nails and killed three murderers: he had murdered children

 The British man was stabbed 150 knives to pull out his nails and killed three murderers: he had murdered children

A 54-year-old man in Britain was killed shortly after he moved. He was tortured by three members of the local security community. They learned that his new neighbor had been imprisoned for murdering children 30 years ago, so they conspired to get rid of him.

According to the Daily Mail of January 17, the three people who committed the murder were Darren Evesham, 47, David Osborne, 51, and Ivan Harley, 23, who lived in New Tredga, Gwentershire. They had good relations and often gathered together.

David Osborne, 51

Ivan Harley, 23

Last summer, David Gott, 54, was released from prison after serving his sentence. He chose this quiet place to start a new life, and Osborne, one of the three, became an apartment neighbor. He never imagined that the scandal that he had been imprisoned 33 years ago for murdering a 17-month-old boy was quickly found out on the Internet by Osborne, who was disgusted and told his buddies. I want to chop him into pieces and throw him into a hole in the ground. Harley gritted his teeth, and soon the three of them made a demon removal plan.

On the evening of August 3, Osborne came out and invited his new neighbour, Gott, to sit at home, and joined forces with Evesham and Harley to kill him. They stabbed him 150 knives, pulled out all his fingernails, and almost cut his neck after he died. Later, they carried the deceased back to their next house and set out to clean up the crime scene.

The next afternoon, a man named Michael Louis reported a homicide to the Gwent County police. He said that on the evening of the incident, three security guards were drinking in a bar. During a nap, he heard the three men discuss the arrangement of the homicide division of labor. He pretended to sleep and listened to the whole process. Then they left first. Police rushed to Gotts apartment and found his body. Then they found Gotts blood in Osbornes apartment. There were Harleys fingerprints in the blood. On the outside of the bathtub, they left the DNA of the deceased and found bloody clothes on the Bank of the river. Three people were arrested and detained that day.

Judge Ben Douglas Jones said that all three defendants were involved in the murder. At least everyone helped or encouraged the crime. Their methods of committing the murder were extremely cruel. The deceased has committed a despicable crime himself, but he has served more than 32 years in prison. It is not your or my duty to judge him now, said the judge. If someone is murdered in order to punish him, it is more wilful than unprovoked.

At present, none of the three defendants has pleaded guilty and the trial is still under way.

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