Australian 40-year-old women won more than 500 million yuan in the prize alone: they will not resign as a result

 Australian 40-year-old women won more than 500 million yuan in the prize alone: they will not resign as a result

Australias lottery company, through social media Twitter that night, reported that the winner of the lottery was a 40-year-old mother from the inner city of Sydney. Because she was a lottery member of the lottery company, the official staff easily contacted her and told her the shocking news.

On the phone, the winner couldnt believe it for a while. I dont understand. Are you telling the truth? I dont believe it. I dont believe it. Is it a hoax? she said on the phone.

After looking at the dazzling amount of the bonus, the woman felt that she had only won 107,000 yuan. When she responded, she immediately said on the phone, Wait, do you mean I won 107,000,000 yuan? Oh, my God, thats too much.

Reported that the lucky woman is a health care provider, she said that she would not resign because of this. She plans to share her bonus with her family and donate a sum of money to her favorite charity. Perhaps she will buy a caravan to travel around.

I am passionate about my work. Winning the prize will motivate me to do more for this important cause, she told the lottery company. Im not sure how to spend this money, but of course Ill help my family. I dont know how to sleep tonight, but now Im going to have a cheap Chardonnay.

It is reported that the woman is an ordinary lottery lottery lottery lottery winner, but on the 16th she randomly selected several numbers and purchased a lottery ticket, while the number she chose was 4, 11, 18, 20, 22, 26, 33 and the power ball number 9.

Reported that in addition to the womans award, this time there are 20 winners to share the second prize of 1.89 million yuan, each of them will receive a prize of 94,792 yuan. Because the prize was opened 30 minutes later than usual, during this period, some lottery fans had a lot of comments on Twitter. One of the netizens named aimz236 wrote, Come on, I can really spend 100 million yuan.

It is reported that this is the second major delay in the Powerball Lottery since it was postponed due to technical problems last week.

Because of the attractive bonuses, thousands of Australians are rushing to buy this weeks Powerball lottery, and many are very cautious in choosing their numbers in front of the huge $100 million prize. In the previous awards, 15 Australians failed to realize their dream of becoming rich overnight because of a difference in number.

Source: Jike_b6492, Responsible Editor of CNN