Whats Page? Liu Peiqi jokes: Im Page Benqi.

 Whats Page? Liu Peiqi jokes: Im Page Benqi.

Netease Entertainment reported on January 18 that recently, the short film What is Page exploded the social platform, Wang Sicong, Ren Suxi and others have forwarded. Liu Peiqi, a well-known actor, wrote in a circle of friends on the 18th: What is Page??. Ive been travelling all night. Lets take a break. Im Peggy Benchi. And with a set of expression packs, very funny.

What is Page? Screen-brushing netizen at midnight: After watching it, he cried and laughed.

What is Page?

Isnt it a piglet?

A small pink pig with high EQ.

Not really.

Everyone who brushes the screen can see that What is Page is a promotional film of the film.

To put it bluntly, its advertising.

But it can quickly spread viruses.

Do you sell them by a litter of pigs*

How is that possible?

What it relies on is that the viewer suddenly receives a reminder: Page, who is as familiar as fried bean milk in the city, does not know Grandpa in the countryside.