Express Spring Festival Outage Schedule Brush Screen Official: False News! Or Price Rising

 Express Spring Festival Outage Schedule Brush Screen Official: False News! Or Price Rising

BEIJING, Jan. 18, CNN Client Telegraph On Jan. 18, the express company is going to have a holiday, so we need to order online shopping as soon as possible! These two days, many peoples circle of friends was Spring Festival Express Outage Schedule brushed screen.

Outage Schedule of Webcast Express

I planned to buy some New Years gifts and goods for my elders online a year ago, but I havent placed an order yet. Usually like online shopping Ms. Lin saw this notice, the first reaction is to buy quickly, but she also has some doubts, At this time last year, express delivery is still normal, this year so early winter vacation?

In fact, it is not a uniform rule for logistics express companies to have holidays or to stop the transportation line. Instead, each logistics express company decides on its own according to the situation, and there is no national version of the timetable at all. And the State Post Office has also refuted rumors.

Official Weixin of the State Post Office dispels rumors

As early as December 28, 2018, the State Post Office issued a notice on how to do a good job during the New Years Spring Festival, requiring provincial (district, city) postal administrations to coordinate their work during the festival to ensure the normal operation of all work during the festival and the safe and stable operation of the industry. We will make every effort to ensure that the Spring Festival period is continuous network, not refuse to accept, not backlog, and strive to meet the peoples postal needs.

Both Zhongtong and Yuantong said they would implement the concept of endless throughout the year to ensure that services during the Spring Festival do not close, but the specific arrangements have not yet come out. The person in charge of Yunda Express told reporters that Yunda Express business is in normal operation at present, and there will be announcements in the follow-up of specific adjustments.

So during the Spring Festival, the shavers who want to buy and buy can rest assured that the outage of express delivery is false news!

In fact, rumors mainly come from microbusinessmen, some netizens think that microbusinessmen release these false news in order to sell goods home in advance for the New Year.

Sellers are eager to go home

Shao Boss, who runs a fruit business in Hangzhou, also plans to go home early this year. The transportation capacity is very tight before the Spring Festival. Stopping shipment in advance can avoid the impact of product quality. I can also go home for the Spring Festival.

Although in previous years, major express companies will resume receiving orders in January, after all, the capacity is not enough. Boss Shao is going to take a rest this year. Take orders a few days later. When the courier is on duty, the transportation is sufficient and the delivery is guaranteed.

January 17, 2019, a express point in Beijing West City. Qiu Yu she

Some sellers choose to take orders without delivery. Wang Yunlun, the seller of Wenchuang products, told reporters that in order to be able to go home early for the Spring Festival, stores only take orders during this period, and then deliver the goods after the Spring Festival. According to past yearsexperience, if customers make requests during the Spring Festival, they can usually send them through Shunfeng, which of course requires additional money.

Express Spring Festival is full of difficulties

Although all express companies have expressed that they will open the Spring Festival operation mode throughout the year, there are great differences among different regions and outlets of franchise express enterprises, which is not easy to implement.

Yang Zaolong, an online shop worker specializing in Tibetan specialties, told reporters that the latest delivery time was No. 20. Because our goods are all in Tibet, after the 20th express delivery basically stopped, can not deliver goods.

Respondents Map

Express expert Zhao Xiaomin believes that the year round is an ideal state, EMS and Shunfeng as self-owned enterprises to achieve better, and franchise express enterprises to achieve challenges.

In a responsible attitude, relevant express delivery enterprises should issue clear operational announcements as soon as possible to let the outside world know the operation situation. Avoid promises of year-round. However, there are cases where businesses and consumers cant pick up the pieces and cant receive the goods.

Although all year round can not be achieved now, the Spring Festival distribution no closing can still be achieved in some areas. Mainstream express companies should make use of official websites, official micro platforms and other platforms to release the Spring Festival service model and emergency measures as soon as possible to respond to public problems at any time.

Therefore, although the express companies said that all year round, but in the case of sellers returning home early and couriers are relatively inadequate, logistics will indeed be affected and the speed will slow down.

Online shopping will slow down the delivery of annual goods

Some netizens reflected that the past years year-round just looks beautiful. In fact, some of them have to go to the express delivery point to pick it up by themselves, and some of them have to be delayed by a large margin. Whats the difference between this and the express holiday?

Netizens commentary

The reason for the slow delivery during the Spring Festival is the relative shortage of couriers.

Despite the need for couriers to stay to maintain business during the Spring Festival, courier companies do not impose compulsory requirements, but mainly based on the personal wishes of couriers. But 300% incentives for holidays are not enough to keep the number of couriers in normal condition. Many couriers choose to go home early and reunite with their families because they have bought tickets for home.

Recently, Mr. Cheng in Beijing found that it was not the courier who delivered the goods, but the temporary part-time logistics personnel. The couriers in our outlets have basically gone home. They are short of hands, so I have to come out and help them.

Some express delivery may raise the price

There are fewer couriers and the cost of maintaining business is higher, which is finally reflected in the courier price that consumers feel.

Shentongs Spring Festival operation announcement shows that the operation mode of Shentongs Spring Festival is from 0:00 to 10 February 4, 2009. Express charges in some areas will also be adjusted to a certain extent.

According to past years, the price increase is between 10 and 20 yuan. And each franchise express delivery price increases are roughly the same.

Shentong Spring Festival Announcement 2019. From Shentong official website

In addition to affiliated express delivery, self-owned Shunfeng and EMS have been the main force of express delivery service during the Spring Festival. In previous years, it was customary to increase the price by about 10 yuan per unit.

According to Shunfeng Customer Service, according to past practice, this year will not change much, and the specific increase rate is subject to the announcement. EMS also indicated that if there is no rest during the Spring Festival, some service charges will be increased, and the specific situation needs to be notified.

If you want to enjoy the service and do not want to spend more money, e-commerce package distribution may be a good choice. Jingdong Express and Suning Logistics have indicated that the package distribution service will run as usual during the Spring Festival of 2019. Suning also promised that during the Spring Festival, there would be no price increase in logistics and freight charges, and that it would do a good job of courier service to the countryside so that villagers could receive parcels on time.

However, we should buy new year goods as soon as possible. On the one hand, we should avoid delaying the arrival time of the goods. On the other hand, we should also allow the couriers who still stick to their posts during the Spring Festival to finish their work earlier and reunite with their families.

Source: Responsible Editor of CNN: Yang Yi_NBJ10647