Raising the Treatment of Rural Teachers in Henan: The Harder the Subsidy, the Higher the Subsidy

 Raising the Treatment of Rural Teachers in Henan: The Harder the Subsidy, the Higher the Subsidy

New Beijing News Express January 16, according to the Henan Provincial Education Department, Henan Province will concentrate on providing subsidy for teachers living in poverty-stricken areas in 2019. On the original basis, the standard of subsidy for rural teachers living in compulsory education schools in poverty-stricken areas will be raised, and differential subsidy will be implemented according to the distance of hardship. The subsidy for teachers living in rural areas, villages and teaching sites will be raised to 200 yuan/month and 500 yuan/month respectively. And 800 yuan per month.

In order to guarantee teacherssalary, the Department of Human and Social Affairs of Henan Province and the Provincial Finance Department set up the salary policy of primary and secondary school teachers and implemented the joint supervision mechanism, trying to strengthen the governments responsibility in protecting teachers salary and safeguarding teacherslegitimate rights and interests.

In 2018, Henan Provincial Department of Education devoted itself to building cadres, teachers and talents, improving and guaranteeing teacherssalaries and welfare benefits, and constantly enhancing teachers sense of acquisition and honor.

To this end, universities in Henan Province are recruiting openly, supporting universities to introduce high-level and urgently needed talents, and opening up a green channel for the recruitment of talents in Colleges and universities. In 2018, 1788 provincial colleges and universities recruited openly, of which 1394 were doctoral students (including 617 doctoral candidates introduced at the talent recruitment conference), the number of doctoral candidates increased by 15.2% compared with the previous year. Through on-the-spot recruitment and online recruitment, colleges and universities have provided 5,545 jobs for talents at home and abroad. A total of 7498 resumes have been received, and 1099 people have reached the intention of signing contracts and 720 people have gone through the green channel signing procedures.

In 2018, Henan provincial teachersqualification certification institutions at all levels identified 190408 teachers at all levels, including 11164 in colleges, 43 367 in kindergartens, 57 171 in primary schools, 33 169 in junior middle schools, 43 104 in senior middle schools and 2 433 in secondary vocational schools. We will carry out regular pilot registration of teachersqualifications and conduct special training.

In terms of personnel training, Henan Province implements the construction of key personnel projects. The provincial education system selected 737 academic and technological leaders and 297 excellent education management talents of the Education Department, and 31 first batch of Central Plains 1000 Program - Central Plains Teaching Famous Teachers were selected.

In addition to personnel training, the province pays attention to the special training of all kinds of education cadres. In 2018, a total of 31 training sessions were held for all kinds of educational cadres. More than 4400 people were trained for primary and secondary schools, kindergarten principals and educational administrative cadres. We will hold an advanced seminar on college entrance examination system and curriculum reform in Henan Province. Implementing the project of cultivating famous principals in primary and secondary schools, the project of famous principals has become a brand project of education cadre training, and 138 principals in poverty-stricken areas are trained specially.

In deepening the reform of professional title system and improving the evaluation mechanism of professional title, Henan Province has decentralized the right of evaluation of professional title in Colleges and universities, strengthened the guidance, supervision and service of independent evaluation of colleges and universities, revised and improved the evaluation criteria of teacher series, and tilted the evaluation of professional title of teachers who have been teaching for a long time in rural grass-roots and hard and remote areas.

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, responsible editor of Beijing News