Divorced property of the worlds richest person is divided into difficult problems or affects company operations

 Divorced property of the worlds richest person is divided into difficult problems or affects company operations

The announcement of Jeff Bezosdivorce triggered speculation and raised many questions about the way his property was divided up to $136 billion and the possible impact on Amazon (1640.56, -15.66, -0.95%) as the first shareholder.

According to AFP on January 10, Mackenzie Tarter and Jeff Bezos met in 1992, when Bezos was still a talented financier, not an entrepreneur who changed the lives of hundreds of millions of people. She and Bezos went through everything from their first exploration in Seattle in 1994 to the establishment of an online business empire. They spent the early days of Amazon in their garage at home. After the couple, who had been married for 25 years, broke up, she became the worlds potentially wealthiest woman. They had three children and adopted one.

Difficult negotiations on property division

According to TMZ, which reports celebrity news, the Bezos did not sign a prenuptial agreement. They married in Florida in September 1993.

The couple own a lot of real estate in Seattle, Washington, Texas and Beverly Hills. Lawyer Randall Kessler said it was not important where to start the divorce proceedings, because in any case, there would be difficult negotiations.

Some states advocate joint property between husband and wife, while others adopt the principle of equitable division, which means a proportional distribution. But even in these cases, the ratio is usually 50-50. Kessler explained.

Change of shareholding ratio

Although Jeff Bezos now owns only 16% of Amazon (he used to be a shareholder with more than half of the stock), his assets are mainly made up of shares in the company he founded and manages today.

According to the 10-day stock market, his shares are worth between $130 billion and $136 billion.

Divorce-induced property division will inevitably lead to equity changes, when Jeff Bezos will hold about 8% of the shares.

Amazon shares listed in Nasdaq, New York (6971.4759, -14.59, -0.21%) first rose on the 9th and then fell on the 10th. Investor Doug Cass announced that he had sold his shares after the Bezos announced their divorce.

Or affect the operation of the company

The Separation Statement issued on the 9th was very calm, affirming that Jeff and McKenzie are still precious friends.

If the former couple reached an agreement, they could pool their shares through trust or other judicial means to maintain their existing shares among all Amazon shareholders.

Another possibility is that McKinsey transferred voting rights that were crucial to controlling the company, but she still inherited half of their husband and wifes shares. Margaret Rizner, a law professor at Indiana University and Purdue University in Indianapolis, explains.

If they want to protect the group, they can find ways to give him some equity without affecting the operation of the company, Randall Kessler said.

Voting rights may not be so important because Jeff Bezos is already a minority shareholder, says Margaret Rizner. His main influence in Amazon is his status as founder and CEO.

negative effect

There is also the possibility of divorce conflict, a scenario that will cast a shadow over Amazons shareholders and public relations.

The scandal-loving National Inquiry magazine mentioned Jeff Bezosrelationship with the wife of Patrick Whitesell, one of Hollywoods most famous brokers, on the 10th. Perhaps it was this relationship that began eight months ago that broke the marriage of the Bezos.

When customers come to see me, they always say that everything will be settled amicably through negotiation. We are rational and we agree to act fairly, explained Randall Kessler. The problem is that people sometimes have different definitions of reason or fairness. If they reach an agreement on everything, it will be very simple. If they dont reach an agreement, lawyers will make money from it.

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