Football genius Emery! Ozil Ramsay doesnt have to let 19-year-olds wave the whole scene.

 Football genius Emery! Ozil Ramsay doesnt have to let 19-year-olds wave the whole scene.

Gondozi was also established as a key passer in the Arsenal midfield, but he failed to give his teammates a good chance. On the contrary, there were many passer errors. In the 78th minute, Gondozi controlled the ball on the left side and tried to pass it to his teammates in front of him, but when the pass was too big, the teammates could not get it. In the 86th minute, he tried to cross the West Ham defence with a long overhead pass near the middle circle, but was easily reached by the goalkeeper.

Gondozis several passes ended in a mistake

Gondozis midfielder conceded a free kick and West Ham took advantage of it to score the only goal.

Ozil was not included in the competition list. It was thought that the reason for his absence was that he was still injured, but after the game coach Emery revealed, Ozil has been training normally this week. Sometimes we win or lose with him, and today I choose these players. I think they are the best players to play in this game. The Mirror said Ozil had been abandoned by coach Emery. However, Ozil has previously stated that he will not leave Arsenal in the winter transfer period, it seems that the two sides will spend the summer.

Ramsey didnt get a start either. He has decided not to renew his contract with Arsenal. The same breakup is a foregone conclusion. The most puzzling thing is that Torrera did not start. Its an inexplicable decision, the Mirror said. Torrera has done well at Arsenal this season and should start every Premier League game. The result of his absence was obvious, as West Ham had more than once suppressed Arsenals midfield in the first half.

Emery did not start the three major midfielders, but arranged for 19-year-old Gondoqi to start with Zaka. Gondozi joined Arsenal this season and has been reused by Emery. If only as a young player, Gondozis performance can meet the criteria, but if as an Arsenal main midfielder, Gondozi obviously has not reached such a high standard. Source: Netease Sports Author: Fu and Responsible Editor: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656