The mysterious man lived in seclusion in the mountains and came home only after dark to see his wife 16 years later.

 The mysterious man lived in seclusion in the mountains and came home only after dark to see his wife 16 years later.

When you see the police lights, you are nervous. When you see the police, you are afraid. Because of the difference in your youth, you have lived in seclusion for 16 years. It wasnt until the police appeared and the cold handcuffs were on his hands that he breathed long enough to sleep soundly.

At 20:35 on March 23, 2003, the Qiantan Squadron of the traffic police brigade of the Jiande Public Security Bureau of Hangzhou received an alarm that an engineering vehicle collided with a motorcycle in Huangliyuan, Qiantan Town, and some people were injured. After receiving the alarm, the police rushed to the scene of the accident immediately.

There was only one truck and two-wheeled motorcycle lying on the ground. The driver and rider of the two-wheeled motorcycle were all dead after 120 doctorsjudgement, while the driver of the engineering vehicle had abandoned his car and escaped. After investigation, the accident was caused by the collision between the engineering vehicle and the two-wheeled motorcycle when turning at the intersection. Jiang Mou, a truck driver from Lianyuan, Hunan Province, was suspected of committing a major crime. The traffic police brigade immediately organized the police to arrest Jiang Mou. In the process of arrest, the police found that the suspect Jiang Mou had fled abroad overnight.

After investigation, the two deceased motorcycle cousins, Jiangxi people, came to Jiande to work soon. They were about 30 years old and lost their lives in traffic accidents. Two poor families lost their pillars in their homes. Two elderly brothers sent black people with white hair.

After the case happened, Jiande Traffic Police attached great importance to it, and immediately set up the 2003.3.23 Traffic Accident Detection Unit to carry out the detection work. The detection group took various measures to actively carry out the pursuit work. However, due to various reasons, Jiang Mou has not been able to file the case.

Over the past 16 years, police officers have changed one after another, but Jiangs arrest by Jiande Traffic Police has never been interrupted and abandoned. After a large number of visits and investigations, it was found that Jiang was hiding in Lianyuan City, Hunan Province. After learning about the situation, Jiande Traffic Police deployed skilled policemen seven times to Lianyuan City, Hunan Province to implement the arrest plan, Jiang sensitively seems to have smelled something strange, traffic policemen return empty-handed every time they squat. ?

After a lot of information processing, Jiande Traffic Police joined Lianyuan Police to capture the suspect Jiang Mou at his home in Lianyuan City, Hunan Province, at 11:40 p.m. on December 29, 2018. So far, Jiang Mou, the suspect who escaped 16 years after the accident, was finally captured and brought to justice.

Jiang Mou, born in 1969, was still in his 30s at the time of the accident. He claimed that he had just come to Jiande to run the transportation. When the accident happened, he was not familiar with the road conditions and improper operation caused the accident. He had no drivers license and no insurance for his car. He thought his family was poor and could not afford compensation. He fled home to Lianyuan, Hunan, overnight. Jiang Mou, who fled to his hometown, was still worried. Soon after, he fled to the border between Hunan and Fujian again and found a hard work to help people cut down trees. He ate and lived all in the mountains under his name, earning only 700 yuan a month. He never dared to communicate with others, dared not use his ID card, lived with trepidation every day, and trembled at the sound of the alarm, but occasionally stole home at night to visit his wife and children, and left before dawn. Every night, as soon as he closed his eyes, he thought of the scene of the accident and the two deceased people lying on the ground...

When the people warned him about the basic situation of the deceased, he burst into tears: I am sorry for them, I am guilty! I shouldnt go on the road without a license. I hurt three families!

At present, Jiang Mou has been detained by public security organs.

Source: Chi Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Qianjiang Evening News