Mother Sudden Cerebral Hemorrhage Daughter turned out a secret at home and watched her tears.

 Mother Sudden Cerebral Hemorrhage Daughter turned out a secret at home and watched her tears.

1. Mother is seriously ill. She turned out her adoption certificate.

On the evening of December 30, 2018, Xiaoqi returned home from her evening study, but did not see her mother. The neighbor downstairs knocked at the door and told her that her mother had fallen and fainted and had been taken to the hospital.

When she arrived at the hospital, the doctor said she was too young to sign, but she couldnt get in touch with her uncle and aunt, so she began to cry. Finally, she called her friend and asked her friends mother to send her to her uncle.

That night, her mother needed an ID card in hospital. When she came home to get her ID card, she turned out an adoption certificate. I never thought that I was not my mothers biological daughter.

Xiaoqi cried loudly in the empty room, and the little things she got along with her mother poured into her heart: her mother always cared for her, although her monthly salary was only 2,000 yuan, but every day she changed ways to cook good food for her, but also thought of ways to provide her with better education...

At noon on January 10, the ward of the Second Affiliated Hospital of Guangxi Medical University was open for visits, and Xiaoqi visited her mother in the hospital. After 10 days of coma, her mother had lost a large circle of weight, and was no longer Xiaoqis familiar appearance. Tears could not help but wet her eyes.

Xiaoqi calls her mother to wake up quickly.

2. Enthusiastic mothers have many good bonds

Xiaoqi later found that because of her enthusiasm and kindness, her mother had many good relationships.

In addition to being Pan Lanzhens friend for many years, Mr. Lu has another identity - her brother-in-law. Since Pan Lanzhens coma, the cost of hospitalization has been paid by Mr. Lu, who visits the hospital every day.

The feeling between them originated many years ago. Mr. Lus father was a neighbour to Pan Lanzhen in his lifetime. The old man had five sons without daughters under his knees, so he recognized Pan Lanzhen as a dry daughter. Pan Lanzhens care for the elderly has lasted for more than 20 years.

Before dying, the old man asked his sons to help their daughters if they were in trouble.

My father confessed before he died, and we will try our best to save her. This time Pan Lanzhen was ill, and Mr. Lu and his brothers donated 35,000 yuan.

Mr. Lu also remembered Pan Lanzhens bringing back Xiaoqi. When Pan Lanzhen worked in Guangdong in 2004, she saw an abandoned baby over a month old. Because her lover had no fertility, they decided to raise children.

Two years later, Pan Lanzhens lover died. Over the years, her neighbors introduced her to her, but she refused.

The head and deputy head of the kindergarten where Pan Lanzhen works also came. Mr. Luo said that Pan Lanzhen was the kitchen monitor of the kindergarten. She worked conscientiously and responsibly, and took good care of her colleagues. I heard that Sister Pan was ill, and the kindergarten colleagues and parents all donated money. In just a few days, they have raised 50,000 yuan.

3. She is seriously ill and badly in need of surgical treatment.

Reporters learned from the hospital that Pan Lanzhens coma was caused by sudden cerebral hemorrhage, caused by vascular atherosclerosis, the medical term is aneurysm.

Aneurysms are not tumors, but swelling and pulsatile masses caused by pathological changes or loss of arterial wall. Its like a balloon. Sometimes it gets thinner. When you blow, the thinner part will bulge up, and so will the thinner part of the blood vessel. Pan Lanzhen is due to the brain aneurysm in the continuous impact of blood flow, gradually increased, suddenly ruptured bleeding caused coma.

It is understood that Pan Lanzhens cerebral hemorrhage is not much, but if not timely surgical treatment, may bleed again in three weeks. At present, doctors have found the exact location of her aneurysm.

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According to Pan Lanzhens condition, the hospital expects the operation cost to be about 140,000 yuan, excluding follow-up treatment. According to the hospital, Pan Lanzhen has more than 30,000 yuan in arrears. After paying off the arrears, he can pay a deposit of 70,000 yuan to perform the operation. Pan Lanzhen purchased municipal health insurance, but the final amount of reimbursement, the hospital is not clear.

Pan Guangrui, Pan Lanzhens younger brother, is a farmer in Qinzhou, and his parents are in their 70s. After his sister became ill, he was somewhat helpless: I hope she can get better soon, but I have limited ability and can not afford so much money. Mr. Pan said that if something happened to her sister, Xiaoqis future upbringing would become a problem.

Source: Ji Xueying_NN6784, responsible editor of Nanguo Morning Post