The young man informs the online lover that he can return your red envelope to me after breaking up.

 The young man informs the online lover that he can return your red envelope to me after breaking up.

Xiao Li, a 23-year-old girl from Lishui, talked about an online love in 2017. Her boyfriend, who is far away from Hangzhou, cant meet very often, but she is generous and often gives her red envelopes.

On one occasion, because she was unhappy, he directly transferred him 10,000 yuan.. But even so, Xiao Li finally broke up.

Unexpectedly, her boyfriend cleared up their love for one year. He gave Xiaoli a total of more than 50,000 yuan in red envelopes. He forced Xiaoli to sign an IOU of 50,000 yuan, and then took the IOU to the court to sue Xiaoli.

Every week or two, red envelopes will be sent to Xiaoli.

Xiao Tian, 29, an Anhui native, works in a company in Hangzhou. He met Xiao Li who works in Lishui in October 2016 through a dating software.

After they chatted on the website and had a good feeling for each other, they added Wechat chat to start the relationship between online love and heterosexual love.

Because they are in different places, inconvenient to meet, in order to give Xiao Li a sense of security, Xiao Tian spends a lot of money. Whenever Xiao Li confides to Xiao Tian about difficulties in her work, Xiao Tian will send her a red envelope to comfort her.

According to the transfer list submitted by Xiao Tian, in a short period of one year, he has given Xiao Li 31 red envelopes, the amount is mostly 500, 1000 yuan, and there are some loving figures such as 520, 521, 1314. Because of the large amount, Weixin red envelope does not support, so most of them are in the form of transfer.

Before August 2017, Xiao Li will be given a red envelope every other week or two every day.

On August 27, he even transferred 10,000 yuan to Xiaoli.

It is said that this was because Xiao Li was very upset about her work and did not pay attention to Xiao Li for several consecutive days. So Xiao Li transferred 10,000 yuan to Xiao Li many times and even sent her credit card to Xiao Li for use. But Xiao Li refused many times, but eventually she failed to accept 10,000 yuan.

They died without seeing light, but lost to distance.

In fact, in addition to the work is not satisfactory, Xiao Li also intentionally wants to deal with their feelings with the day.

Although, speaking of a year of love, the two have met twice in total. They did not die in sight, but eventually lost to distance. In Xiao Lis view, no matter how big the red envelope was, Xiao Tianfa could not make up for the regret that he could not be around.

So Xiao Li began to deal with Xiao Tians cold weather. She did not reply to the letter or answer the phone. Xiao Lis indifference gave Xiao Tian a sense of crisis. He made an appointment to meet Xiao Li in Hangzhou and finally showdown.

On November 25, 2017, they met in Hangzhou to discuss whether to stay or fall in love. After meeting, Xiao Li firmly expressed her attitude.

Seeing the two people continue to fall in love hopelessly, Xiao Tian took out the arrears that had been prepared beforehand, and asked Xiao Li to write down that she owed 50,000 yuan, and pay back 1,000 yuan a month from now on until she paid off.

This made Xiao Li completely chilled and refused to sign the request. But Xiao Tian kept chasing after her and refused to let Xiao Li leave without signing her name. Eventually Xiao Li scribbled her name on the debit slip.

Although she owed money, Xiao Li did not pay it back. She felt that all the money was given to herself by Xiao Tian voluntarily during her love affair and did not need to be repaid at all.

Last year, Xiao Tian came to Jingning Court with an IOU to sue Xiao Li and asked Xiao Li to repay the loan of 50,000 yuan.

After the trial, the court held that the two sides had no intention of borrowing from the chat records of the two sides, and that they should not belong to the non-governmental lending relationship. The amount of 50,000 yuan in arrears signed by Xiao Li is actually the amount of red envelope and transfer money sent by Xiao Li on Wechat before Xiao Tian asks Xiao Li to return it, which should be dealt with by returning property disputes.

Considering the short love time and the large amount of Wechat red-envelope transfer, the transfer of parts like 520 and 1314 does have the nature of gift, but the premise of the transfer is to hope to make peace with Xiaoli. Finally, the two break up and the purpose of the day is not achieved. The court eventually awarded Xiaoli 50%, or 25,000 yuan, as appropriate.

The second instance of Lishui Court maintained the original judgment.

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Express: Ji Xueying_NN6784