Liuzhou Helping the Old Man Be Crashed Girls Dead Youth Set at 23 Years Old

 Liuzhou Helping the Old Man Be Crashed Girls Dead Youth Set at 23 Years Old

Kindness does not hesitate in the face of accidents

The accident did not stop its steps.

To help the girl Lu Minghua who was hit by an old man in a second car accident

Death due to serious injury and ineffective rescue

A 23-year-old girl was in a car accident when she helped the old man who had been hit.

Lu Minghua is a 23-year-old girl from Liuzhou, Guangxi, who has just graduated. According to Pear Video, at about 5:00 a.m. on December 30 last year, Huang Liting, a friend of Lu Minghua, rode an electric bicycle to take him home. When he was just on the Liujiang Bridge, he saw an old man knocked down by an electric car and Lu Minghua got off to help him.

Because she could not park on the bridge, Huang Liting rode her electric bicycle to the bridge and waited for Lu Minghua there. Huang Liting recalled, It rained heavily at that time. Xiao Lu saw that he was determined to help the old man. After I parked the car and waited for a few minutes, she did not come back to the scene and could not find her. I asked the traffic police to know that Xiaolu had been rushed to the hospital.

Some surveillance videos exposed afterwards showed an old man lying on the road after being hit. Lu Minghua was not far from the old man. Then a white car suddenly crashed into him and Lu Minghua was knocked down.

On January 12, 2019, Lu Minghua died of serious injuries and ineffective rescue.

Wealthy families bear heavy burdens

After the accident, Lu Minghua was sent to Liuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine. The head of the Department of critical medicine of Liuzhou Hospital of Traditional Chinese Medicine told the media that the diagnosis of Lu Minghua was traumatic shock, spleen rupture, liver rupture, retroperitoneal hematoma, kidney contusion, severe craniocerebral injury and multiple fractures of the whole body.

Families said that Lu Minghua needed tens of thousands of yuan a day for rescue and treatment, which brought heavy burdens to poor families. As the pillar of his family, Lu Minghuas sudden death made his relatives unbearable.

According to Ms. Lu Minghuas aunt, Lu Minghua has just graduated from Liuzhou City Vocational College, and now runs a breakfast business with friends. Her brother is a soldier in the army. Her mother refused to interview because she was under great pressure.

The police have formally arrested the perpetrators

According to the Liuzhou Traffic Police Public Number, on January 12, the City Procuratorate formally arrested Liu Mou, the perpetrator. Next, the procuratorate will prosecute Liu Mou for the crime of traffic accident.

According to the relevant evidence, the traffic police department determined according to law that the driver, Tan Mou, was fully responsible for the first electric vehicle collision with elderly bicyclists. After the accident, citizens Wei Mou and Lu Mou arrived at the scene.

Subsequently, Liu Mou drove a white car of Gui B**** 5 into the scene, resulting in two accidents, resulting in the death of the fallen elderly on the spot, and Wei Mou died of ineffective rescue after being sent to the doctor. According to the appraisal of the relevant professional departments, the driver Liu Mou was driving at a speed of about 68 km/h at that time, which exceeded the 30 km/h stipulated by the bridge deck speed limit sign and belonged to overspeed driving. In addition, Liu Mou still has traffic violations that fail to ensure safe driving and escaping from accidents, and is fully responsible for the accidents.

Netizens lament, but some people say that this kind of behavior is not considered.

After learning that Lu Mingyi was hit by helping the elderly, netizens brushed their screens: Wish her a good journey!

But some people say that this kind of behavior lacks consideration.

More people say that what deserves our praise is her kindness and courageous spirit!

Life is precious.

Good girl, go all the way!

Source: Responsible Editor of China Youth Daily: Gan Wenbin_NBJS7621