Jia Man cheats money by borrowing less popular star photos and associates 200 girlfriends at the same time.

 Jia Man cheats money by borrowing less popular star photos and associates 200 girlfriends at the same time.

Yangtze Evening News reported on Jan. 12 that a mobile phone was picked up, and more than 200 girlfriends were contacted at the same time. Others went to Yunnan to borrow 50,000 yuan for him. Recently, Qixia police captured the super slag man.

In early November last year, the Yaohuamen Police Station received an alarm from Ms. Wu of the jurisdiction that she met a male netizen on a dating website in mid-late May of this year. After adding Weixin to each other, the other called herself Taizhou person Liu Peng. Although they had never met before, Liu Peng soon sent out his handsome self-recorded video, which immediately captured Ms. Wus heart and quickly established the relationship between a man and a woman.

Liu Peng always asks Ms. Wu about her warmth, and records his video to Ms. Wu from time to time. Its more than sweet. But until October this year, Liu Peng suddenly sent Ms. Wu several screenshots of conversations with her family, saying that her mother needed heart bypass surgery at a cost of about 400,000 yuan, but because her own funds were in the enterprise project, it was not able to turn around for a while, so she first lent 50,000 yuan to Jianghu for emergency relief. Looking at the dialogue on the screenshot, Ms. Wu could not sit still. She felt that she should express herself in any way, but she did not have any money. So Ms. Wu decided to lend money for love. Ms. Wu borrowed 40,000 yuan through the lending platform and took out her savings. A total of 51,000 yuan was transferred to Liu Peng. However, three days after receiving the money, Liu Peng evaporated, and she felt cheated and had to call the police for help.

After receiving the alarm, the police immediately sorted out the clues, and finally successfully locked the suspect Zeng Mou, who was arrested in his rental house on November 10. It is reported that Zeng Mou has been married for 27 years and has two children. To the great surprise of the police, Zeng Mou not only looks completely different from the video previously sent to Ms. Wu, but also contacts more than 200 women in the mobile phone collected from the scene at the same time.

Zeng Mou was very unexpected when facing the policemen who came from the sky. Zeng told the police that he liked to use various social software to meet girls. At first, he didnt think of deceiving people. He just enjoyed the feeling of falling in love with them. Because of his poor appearance, he specially found a star who was not very popular on the Internet, and paid attention to the star. He collected the daily videos that the star usually sent, which were specially used for girls to win their hearts. Until October this year, he unexpectedly found a mobile phone. I think its an opportunity to use the mobile phone I picked up directly for chatting. And one person decorated the two corners and fabricated a lie that his mother needed money for surgery.

At present, Zeng Mou has been taken criminal coercive measures by the police, and the case is being further tried.

Police reminders: online dating should be cautious, in the face of strangersinvitations, to calm judgment, do not blindly believe the identity of the other party before face-to-face verification; all encounters with a variety of reasons to request transfer, remittance should be vigilant, if you have doubts or lose money, please call 110 in time to alert the police.

Source: Zhao Yaping_NN9005, responsible editor of Xinhua Newspaper Network-Yangtze Evening News