Stonehead fish bladder is sold as a miracle drug at a sky-high price, which is more expensive than cocaine

 Stonehead fish bladder is sold as a miracle drug at a sky-high price, which is more expensive than cocaine

Typically, fish we eat, like tuna, is expensive, but there is a fish, known as the high price, which is more expensive than cocaine, according to the Weixin Branch of Science and Technology Daily.

The giant thing in the mans hand is the hero of this article, Stonehead Fish.

In 2018, stonecutters and bladders smuggling cases occurred one after another:

On February 1, Shanghai Pudong International Airport caught two people smuggling 97 bags of California Bay stonecutters into the country, worth more than 2.2 million yuan.

On August 24, Guangdong Jiangmen Customs Anti-smuggling Bureau seized two suspects in Guangxi because of their involvement in smuggling 2,621 pieces of California Bay stonecutters, with an estimated value of more than 150 million yuan.

On December 27, Jiangmen and Haining, Guangdong Province, seized a case of extraordinarily large-scale smuggling of California Bay stone head fish bladder, which was 44.43 kilograms detained at the scene, worth about 182 million yuan.


What kind of fish is a stone head fish? Why are criminals so crazy about the fish bladder of this kind of fish and take risks repeatedly?

Unique bladder

Its almost doomed.

Totoabamacdonaldi, also known as California canine yellow croaker or Machilus brackethead. Only in the Gulf of California, Mexico. The body of the family Sciaenidae is flat and long, and it mainly eats radial fin fish and crustaceans. Individual life expectancy can reach 15 years, generally 6-7 years old to sexual maturity, can grow to 2 meters long, 100 kilograms. This kind of fish lays eggs only once a year, and with slow growth, the average number of communities can be doubled for more than five years. The long reproductive cycle of the population is an objective reason for its scarcity.

An important feature of the fish is that it has strong muscular bladder. The drum muscles near the bladder can enlarge its voice through the bladder like the resonance chamber, make a wo ga sound and make a courtship. Therefore, the English name is also called Drum or Crocker. Some fishermen on Taiwans West Coast used underwater microphones to monitor shorebirds and catch them when they gathered to lay eggs.

Heaven has endowed the stone head fish with its unique bladder, but it has caused the disaster of near extinction.

Dry products of swim bladder are called fish gum, also called fish belly and flower gum. In recent years, owing to the folklore that the stomach of Shishouyu is very nutritious and medicinal, and has the miracle effect of anti-aging, cancer prevention and hemostasis, many overseas rich people think it is an excellent tonic and collection. As a result, Stonehead fish, which used to be abundant in quantity, became rare because of intensive fishing practices.

To get its bladder

These people are insane.

Near 120 miles south of the U.S. border, the Mexican town of San Felipe is a fishing port where fishermen make their living by fishing. In recent years, some locals have become crazy about stone heads, such as gold mines.

It can be said that even drug smuggling, which has always been regarded as a lucrative business, can not be compared with smuggling of stonecutters and fish bellies. According to data from an environmental protection organization in Mexico, the price of a kilogram of cocaine fluctuates only between 3 and 35,000 euros, far below the 56,000 euros of stonecutsbellies on the black market. Once smuggled overseas, a complete bladder costs up to 250,000 yuan (about 1.65 million yuan).

A local fisherman, Pilubio, once disclosed that I can earn $116,000 (about 76,000 yuan) overnight by fishing for stonehead fish.

How do poachers work? When night comes, poachers drive topographic vehicles to the beach, put stormboats on the beach, a small team of people go to sea to catch them. The rest pay close attention to the patrol boats. The stowaways use GPS to locate fishing nets. When stonecutters are caught, they quickly cut off the bladder, which is quite crazy.

It is understood that after the smugglers purchased the bladder from Mexican fishing and trafficking organizations, they mainly traveled through the multi-national customs through baggage collection, smuggled into the country, and made huge profits by selling the bladder.

Street guards in small Mexican towns

Today, environmental groups and the Mexican military recognize the seriousness of the problem and send troops into the area. In 2015, the Mexican government announced a ban on fishing in the region. Overnight, a large number of fishermen who made their fortune by fishing for stone head fish lost their jobs, and a large number of outsiders left. The town was like a ghost city. The Mexican government subsidized the fishermen 500 dollars a month (equivalent to about 3300 yuan), but this was insignificant compared with the sky-high price of fish bladder. Slowly, many fishermen began illegal fishing and turned to black market trading. Although the army was stationed in a small town, it still failed to deter poachers.

Stonehead fish is not a magic drug

Its role in bladder is exaggerated

The belly in the abalone ginseng wing belly in Chinese diet is processed from the swim bladder of these big fish. Its scientific name is flower gum. It is very nutritious and medicinal. It is believed that it has the effect of treating postpartum hemorrhage and pain. Traditional Chinese medicine believes that fish gum has the function of nourishing diet. Many flower gum advertisements will mark the four words nourishing Yin and tonifying kidney. It can be imagined how many people will pay for these four words at a high price.

Fish gum made by different fish can be divided into different kinds. Among them, fish gum made by California Bay Stonecutters is the most precious. It is called yellow gum, and is generally considered to be the top color in the gum. At the beginning of the 20th century, some criminals began to use the fish bladder as a substitute for the fish bladder. Is the bladder of Shishouke a precious medicine for all diseases? Is it really easy for the bladder to fish?

Zhang Boli, academician of the Chinese Academy of Engineering, explained: Most bony fishes have swim bladders, mainly composed of collagen protein. As an assistant respiratory organ of fish, bladder can control the change of air content in the body by contracting and expanding. It can also adjust body density to realize free floating or sinking in water. The human body stores in the body through intake of fish bladder, that is to say, supplementation of collagen protein, water-soluble form, which enhances metabolism and increases resistance.

Fish bladder can be used in traditional Chinese medicine, but food rich in collagen can promote growth and development, not necessarily extracted from fish bladder. Even if you eat some skeleton fish swim bladder, you just eat some protein. Zhao Mingde, a professor at the School of Animal Medicine, China Agricultural University, pointed out.

At the same time, Zhao Mingde pointed out that the stone bone fish bladder is not a precious medicinal material. He added, Whether it is small goldfish or Kawan stone head fish, the composition of the bladder is the same, but the big bladder is big and easy to extract.

It can be seen that the so-called efficacy is only a folk tale, and has not been proved by medical science. Through the high-price purchase of stone head fish, its swim bladder is not a magic drug. Illegal elementswanton propaganda and hype, smuggling of stone bone fish bladder, and seeking windfall profits should be strictly prohibited.

critically endangered

Save the Stonehead Fish in Action

Commercial fisheries, illegal piracy, natural environment damage and other factors, resulting in a significant reduction in the number of stone head fish, which is worrying.

At present, the stone head fish is officially recognized as endangered species by Mexico. It was listed in Appendix I of CITES to the Convention on International Trade in Endangered Species of Wild Fauna and Flora in 1976. In 1996, the Red List of the World Union for the Conservation of Nature (IUCN) upgraded it to extremely endangered species.

In view of the ecological protection and endangered animal protection in the Gulf of California, the Mexican government is aware that illegal fishing and smuggling are mainly due to poverty. Fishermen along the Gulf of California dried up the Colorado River into Mexico after building the Hoover Dam and digging the canal in the United States, and the local fishery economy plummeted. The film Dolphin Bay has also shown the contradiction and conflict between animal protection and the interests of local people. In view of this, the local government of Mexico has also made great efforts to consult with the local residents, through the issuance of monetary compensation and other forms, to minimize pressure and conflict, and jointly create a harmonious and beautiful relationship between man and nature.

On September 4, 2017, BRICS leaders met for the ninth time. China and Mexico expressed their willingness to work together to combat illegal fishing. In addition, the Green Hair Society of China has supported the establishment of more than 60 China Conservation Areas to protect endangered species in China.

No business, no killing!

Sometimes, human beings need to take due responsibility for nature.

Give up your excessive desire

Dont let it overflow like a drug addiction.

Otherwise, one day, a rare animal like California grouper

Will disappear on earth forever

It will be too late to regret!

Source: Zhao Yaping_N9005, Responsible Editor of Science and Technology Daily