Korea LPG Ships Leakage Pollutant Index in Dongying Sea Area meets the Standard

 Korea LPG Ships Leakage Pollutant Index in Dongying Sea Area meets the Standard

After receiving the report, Shandong Province launched an emergency plan to organize personnel to rush to the scene and quickly carry out rescue. Emergency management, maritime affairs, environmental protection, foreign affairs and public security departments in Shandong Province took urgent actions to organize efforts to strengthen traffic control around ships, delimit traffic control zones with a radius of 5 nautical miles, issue voyage warnings every hour, clean up surrounding ships, remind passing ships to avoid collision, conduct atmospheric monitoring at any time, and contact professional rescue teams to rush to the scene to study disposal plans. Actively communicate and dock with the relevant parties in Korea, and coordinate with the Korean shipowners to arrange professional and technical personnel to go to the scene.

As of 23:00 on the 12th, the ship was in stable condition. Dongying City has arranged tugboat Chenggang Tow 18 to guard at the scene, ready to deal with emergencies and evacuation personnel. Through continuous monitoring, the relevant pollutant indicators meet the environmental air quality standards.

There were 15 people on board a Korean liquefied petroleum gas vessel that leaked near Dongying Port.

At 10:30 a.m. this morning, the duty room of Dongying Maritime Search and Rescue Center received a report from the owner of the Korean liquefied gas vessel Steamboat No. 5, Steamboat No. 5 that the safety valve of No. 1 cargo escape pipe could not be completely closed at about 25 kilometers in the northeastern sea area of Dongying Port, resulting in the leakage of liquefied gas. The weather and sea conditions at the scene are classified as southwest wind 5 with wave height of about 0.5 meters. The ship is loaded with 1850 tons of liquefied gas. There are 15 people on board (5 from Korea, 5 from Indonesia and 5 from Myanmar).