Halepp: Im a real NO.1. I want to face the Australian Open with ease.

 Halepp: Im a real NO.1. I want to face the Australian Open with ease.

My mood is totally different now, I have fulfilled my dream all the time, Halepp told reporters at a pre-match press conference. Now that Ive won the Grand Slam, I can say Im the worlds number one.

Im very happy. I enjoy it very much. What I achieved last year has made me particularly relaxed. What I need to do now is to improve my competitive condition. As for the result, lets take a step by step.

Halepp broke up with coach Darren Cahill during the off-season and spent most of the off-season on the rehabilitation of his back injury. Halepp made his season debut at last weeks Sydney International Championship, losing 4-64-6 to Batty, the local darling.

Im full of motivation right now, Halepp said, but this year is different from last year. Last year I played 10-15 games before the Australian Open, but this year only one, and I lost.

I cant quickly say goodbye to the people who worked together every day. For a long time, he occupies an irreplaceable position in my heart and in my team. Im not a fickle person and I want to wait until Im really ready to take on the next challenge before looking for a new coach, Halepp said.

Like I always said. Its impossible to make a breakthrough without the help of the coach at this stage, so maybe in the near future I will consider the coachs problem, but at this stage I still want to try it on my own.

Since last years Cincinnati, Halap has struggled to win. In the first round of the Australian Open in 2019, World No. 1 will play Carnegie on Tuesday, which will be the first round of the US Open last year, when Carnegie won 6-26-4.