College founders inform parents of daily rewards and punishments: no small reports

 College founders inform parents of daily rewards and punishments: no small reports

Recently, a college student in Zhejiang posted that the school recently built a family school group based on classes to inform parents of studentsdaily rewards and punishments and attendance through group chat. Some students ridiculed whether the school is inspired by the parents of kindergartens and primary schools, and questioned whether the schools practice is normal.

Yesterday afternoon, the school teachers responded to the reporter of Beijing Youth Daily that the school did not get inspiration from elementary school and kindergarten, but found that students played games and skipped classes in dormitories in their daily work. Student education needs the joint efforts of school, society and parents, so we have this idea. Teachers explained that 27 classes in the college have established a family school group. In the group, we will not give parents asmall reportof students, even if the reward and punishment situation is notified, we will notname and name. We mainly want to have more contact with parents.

Building Class Family-School Cluster

Many parents expressed their approval.

To set up a micro-communication group between the school and parents as a unit of class, and publish the rewards and punishments, attendance and performance of students in class. Recently, the news that a college in Zhejiang has set up a home school group has aroused heated discussion among students.

Many students said that they are adults but not primary school students, saying they do not want to be too constrained, worried that home school group will become a channel for parents to monitor them, to put it bluntly, afraid that schools and parentsmake small reports. However, there are also students who recognize the schools practices.

Li, a senior, told the Beijing Youth Daily that he would graduate in June this year. At first, I thought it was not very meaningful for the school to make thisparent group. But now near graduation, we are busy looking for jobs, trivial things are very many, easy to forget some things, parents through the group to understand some of the situation, can help us remember, it is really more convenient.

Many parents acknowledged the schools measures. Now there are too many fraudulent information. After the school has established aparent group, parents can timely understand the dynamics of their children in school and communicate with the school on what matters. Relatively speaking, it is also a safety guarantee.

The transcript involves privacy

Not in the group.

Yesterday, a reporter from Beiqing Daily called the school and work office of the school concerned to inquire about the matter. Talking about the starting point of establishing family-school group, Qian said that for students, in high school, the school and parents were more strict in management. After entering the university, they were more relaxed, which may bring some problems.

For example, Qian said, Parents have reported before that some of their childrens performances in school, such as whether they violated the rules or not, they do not know very well and are more passive. Qian said that in addition, in the daily work found that students do not attend classes, play games in the dormitory, Teachers found once, students may improve for a period of time, but the effect is not too obvious. In summary, schools believe that childrens education needs the joint efforts of society, schools and parents. A little more contact with studentsparents will help students grow and learn.

Teacher Qian denied that some students had ridiculed the idea of getting inspiration from kindergartens and primary school parents. He further explained that the establishment of a home school group does not mean that the school will give parents a small report, usually in the group, to inform parents of some school news. Of course, some students will be announced not to attend classes, but absolutely will not be naming Dao Name. The award-winning situation of students will also be announced in the group, so that parents of students can feel a little relieved.

Will studentstranscripts be published in the group? Mr. Qian said that it will not be published. It involves studentsprivacy. In these days, we will send a letter to parents informing them of the time of school and vacation, reminding some parents of students of the need to strengthen their childrens professional learning, and reminding them to pay attention to safety issues during winter vacation.

Preventing students from shaking their wits

School contacts parents directly

Mr. Qian introduced that the College is a secondary college of a university in Zhejiang Province, with 616 students in three grades, sophomore, junior and senior. The establishment of home-school clusters began in mid-December 2018. So far, 27 classes in the college have built clusters.

Mr. Qian said that some research work had been done before the construction of the group. Many parents say that when their children enter university, they dont even know what their teachers call them, and they feel that they should strengthen their contacts. I have more than 200 parents here, only one parent of the students said,Not convenient, (his home) the specific situation, after which I will find out with the students alone.

Mr. Qian also told reporters that some students were asked about their mood through student cadres. About 90% of the students understand, do not understand the students, the most worrying is thatwill be beaten small report. For those students who are particularly concerned, we will directly pull them into the school group and let them see the chat content in the group.

Ask if you will encounter a shaking student who forges his parental identity to join the group? Qian said, Before the construction of the group, the teacher avoided the students and directly contacted the parents of the students to get the contact information.

In addition, some netizens were worried about the establishment of home school group, whether parents would directly contact teachers for their childrens interests.

Mr. Qian answered, No. He said that now there is a counselor and a head teacher in a group. In the future, we should consider bringing teachers from departments and offices into the group, answering some questions and doing a good job of service. Every month, we will organize a class teacher meeting to tell them that if parents add teachers privately, reflecting some studentspersonal problems, such as feeling that children have psychological problems, teachers should take care of them. But if it involves the personal interests of students, we must deal with it in accordance with the principle of equality and fairness.

Source: Li Wan_B11284, Responsible Editor of Beijing Youth Daily