The Cat and Mouse episode reveals the secret: classical music you didnt understand in those years

 The Cat and Mouse episode reveals the secret: classical music you didnt understand in those years

When it comes to classical music, many people think that classical music is too elegant and small, far from their own lives; or classical music appreciation is full of doors, they do not understand music theory, it is difficult to understand.

In fact, take off the cold vest of classical music, you will find it in our ears:

In the classic movie Shawshanks Redemption, Andy plays a piece of music secretly on prison radio.

In this short song, he gained the freest moment in his life. Even the faces of prisoners who had been used to despair showed their longing for the future and their longing for a beautiful life.

This magic song is Mozarts The Wedding of Figaro.

In another film, The Kings Speech, the story of George VI and the speech therapist Rogge begins with Figaros Wedding.

During Rogges first speech therapy for the prince, Rogge asked the unsure prince to wear earphones to record the music and turn the volume to the maximum so that the prince could not hear his own voice.

Under such circumstances, the prince recorded the first recording.

On a silent night, the princes mood was doomed to be as uneasy as the surging melody.

At the beginning of the sci-fi work 2001 Space Odyssey, accompanied by stars rising slowly in the dark, the background music is Richard Strausss Zarathustra said so.

Some people say that this is the greatest film score in history, only with the combination of Kubricks picture, the energy of the song can be fully released.

Movies are audio-visual art, which shows the importance of sound, and classical music plays an indispensable role in film dubbing.

Classical movies often use classical music as climax music to express peoples deepest and most intense emotional changes.

In addition to these songs, when watching cats and mice as children, background music also used a variety of classical music repertoires.

Someone joked: Cat and Mouse is my classical music enlightenment teacher.

Chopins Great Waltz, Beethovens Moonlight Sonata, John Strausss Blue Danube, etc.

Lang Lang, a pianist, also talked about his experience of falling in love with the piano because of Cat and Mouse in A Thousand-mile Journey: My Story.

Lang Lang: A Thousand-mile Journey, My Story

Many classical music you have heard, been shocked, moved, dont say you know nothing about classical music.

Whether it is active recognition or passive acquisition, as long as you are still watching movies, shopping malls, playing mobile phones, brushing the web, classical music is in our ears, not as cold as we imagine.

Such ubiquitous classical music has a history of more than? 1000 years.

In the Middle Ages, it was a chorus of monks singing hymns that echoed in the open monastery.

Two hundred years ago, it evolved into Beethovens For Alice to express love for the girl he loved.

Then it became a repertoire for Paganini and Liszt to show off their superb skills...

Classical music has been changing dramatically in the course of history. It is no longer exclusive to nobles. Everyone of us can feel its beauty.

Classical music is just a simple way of life. With the idea that Netease Open Class combines Triple Life Weekly and Love Music, Duan Zhaoxu, a pianist and educator, was invited to bring the 2019 opening class Classical Music Instructions - Analysis of the Excellent Works of 20 Music Masters.

Here, classical music is no longer deep and obscure, Duan Zhaoxu will appreciate classical music obstacles into a deep understanding of classical music ladder, leading you to feel its temperature and vitality.

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Duan Zhaoxu is a pianist, art educator, well-known scholar, doctor of Central Conservatory of Music, and associate professor of Music Department, School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University.

Duan Zhaoxu, a pianist, has successfully held more than 100 solo concerts at home and abroad, playing footprints throughout the top art halls of China National Grand Theatre, Beijing Concert Hall and Zhongshan Music Hall.

Editors Notes on the Piano Courses of Beijing Normal University Publishing House Boughmueler, Bachs Primary Piano Music Collection, Cherney 599, Cherney 849, Cherney 299, and Shanghai Education Publishing House Les Horn Op.66.

His classical music class return rate is as high as 300%.

Duan Zhaoxu is a well-known pianist and an associate professor in the Department of Music, School of Art and Media, Beijing Normal University.

He has successfully held nearly 100 solo concerts at home and abroad, and has been committed to the popularization of classical music education.

Duan Zhaoxus teaching style is interesting, and the atmosphere of the course is relaxed. He is deeply loved by everyone, and his past courses have been well received.

Talking while talking, relaxing and interesting music atmosphere

The course breaks the impression that classical music is dull and serious.

The stories about musicians are told in a relaxed and humorous tone. When it comes to happiness, the speaker plays a few notes and sometimes sings two sentences to make you feel the teaching scene.

In the middle was Duan Zhaoxu, dressed in a robe in a portrait of Liszt. There are statues of Liszt on the piano, candlesticks of Liszts former residence, ink bottles and lion paperweights. Liszt looked up at the portrait of Beethoven. The whole scene was framed in a bell-shaped frame, which was the logo of the Musical Aesthetics Symposium and Duan Zhaoxus school. There is a star in the bells handle, as well as a harp, musical instruments, paintings and table tennis racket with music score. Inside the bell-shaped frame is the curtain of the Royal Opera House in Vienna, with pillars of cloud and fire on both sides. Outside the frame, an angel opens the curtain. Cartoonist Zhang Wanzhi (Master of Fine Arts, Paris Academy of Fine Arts, currently teaching in the High School Attached to the National Peoples Congress)

Virtual Interview with 20 Music Masters

Its music and history.

This is a space-time dialogue spanning 300 years with 20 classical music masters.

The speaker studied a large number of Chinese and Western literature in depth and introduced us to the unknown music masters, reproducing the performance habits, creative skills, experience of sad and happy moments of these classical musicians who influenced the world.

It will give us a better understanding of the composers emotional expression of the social environment at that time, and a glimpse of their spiritual world and psychological state.

Mozart: I am a genius and a mortal.

Beethoven: In the darkest hour of fate, I still have music.

Cherney: Music is the best way to cultivate peoples minds

Schubert: Creation is my mission in the world

Mendelssohn: Sincerity is what counts.

Schumann: Ordinary people are working, while genius is creating.

Brahms: Composing without too much passion


Chopin: Good performance, pursuing the beauty of touching keys

Liszt: A genius needs a geniuss virtue

Berlioz: Poverty on the left, fantasy on the right

Saint-Saint: Perfection does not need to exist

Rimsky-Kossakov: I dont like to give my work a clear title.

Debussy: Art is by no means the expression of a few people

Ravel: My motto is: Complexity is not chaos.

Satie: An artist must live a regular life

Prokofiev: Catering in will only produce bad results.

Shostakovich: The humble soul must be reflected in music

Stravinsky: Music critics often lead audiences astray

Schoenberg: Genius learns from nature

Appreciation of 104 classical songs, thats enough.

The speaker selected 104 exclusive classical pieces, including concertos, sonatas, opera segments and other musical forms.

You will hear the stories of music masters such as Mozart, Beethoven, Chopin, Liszt, Debussy and Schubert. You will also appreciate masterpieces such as Piano Concerto No. 21 in C Major, Venice Ship Song, Waltz, Symphony No. 6, Sadness.

Music appreciation, music knowledge popularization, performance skills imparting... Every piece of music behind the creation story and related music knowledge will be involved, plus professional recording conditions, you will experience a classical music star feast.

Classical Music Instructions: An Analysis of the Excellent Works of 20 Music Masters

Syllabus (144 lectures)

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