The 11-year-old boy left home and did not return to the ruins for up to 21 days.

 The 11-year-old boy left home and did not return to the ruins for up to 21 days.

It has been 21 days since he left home on December 23. Xiao Xuanxuan, an 11-year-old boy, was finally found home this morning. His parents cant remember how many times he left home, this time the longest.

Xiao Xuanxuans father said that in view of his sons habit of leaving home, he also had to find ways to solve it, otherwise there would be fear in the future. Childrens psychologists suggest that Xiaoxuanxuans parents consult with psychologists to find out the reasons why their children do not return home, so as to avoid the danger of their leaving home in the future.

Missing | The boy left home for more than 20 days without returning to his family to call the police for help.

This time Xiaoxuan left home, starting on December 22. That morning he got up to go to the toilet, but everyone was using the toilet at home, so he went to the public toilet outside and went out wearing sweaters and slippers. We thought that he would never leave home without his coat on, and would not go with him. As a result, he waited for a long time and did not come back. When he went out and looked at it again, he found that he had taken away the sneakers he usually wore when he went out. Xiao Xuanxuans father, Mr. Luo, told reporters that later his family searched everywhere, or provided clues by people, and the next day he found Xiao Xuanxuan. Unexpectedly, his mother took him home on the way, Xiaoxuanxuan ran away again. This time he put on his jacket and cotton-padded clothes and took a bus card.

Xiaoxuanxuan is separated from his family in the vicinity of Beigongmen Metro Station in Haidian District. In recent days, the family did not find any information in the vicinity. Because Xiaoxuanxuan had a 20 yuan bus card on him, the family judged that he would probably go a little farther by bus or subway this time.

Progress | Boys were found living in demolition ruins overnight

On the morning of Jan. 12, Luo Dad told reporters that while they disseminated the information of finding people through the blue sky rescue team and the media these days, Xiaoxuanxuans teachers also helped to disseminate information to the outside world. Some teachersfriends saw the information through the circle of friends and found Xiaoxuanxuans traces. They wanted to leave their children to verify their identity, but he left them.

Therefore, Xiaoxuanxuans family came to Yongfeng Town, where they found clues. It was about 10 kilometers away from his home. In the morning, finally found a small Xuanxuan in a demolition area. When his family saw him, he was in good health and in good spirits.

Xiao Xuanxuan said that after he left his family that day, he took a bus to Yongfeng Town to play with the children in the nearby villages. At night, he gathered the discarded quilts from the abandoned houses in the demolition area to warm himself up for the night.

Dialogue | Boys often stay away from home for two years

According to Luos father, Xiaoxuans habit of leaving home began in 2016. In March of that year, the son left home for the first time. The family also reported to the police. Later, according to the clues provided by others, the son was found.

Since then, Xiaoxuanxuan has been leaving home many times, just a day or two, a week, Alarm only four times, there are many times without alarm.

Luo Dad said that every time Xiaoxuanxuan was found back, his family asked him what he did when he left home. He would say, Play with the children. At first, his family didnt believe him, but in the process of searching for him several times later, some people did see Xiao Xuanxuan with other children, who were not his classmates or partners, but strange children.

Sometimes he will play with strangers on the road, sometimes with the children of nearby residents, wherever he goes, he will play with children who are younger or the same age, not older children. Dad Luo said, Sometimes he would ask for food and water with those strange children. If you dont have a place to stay at night, you can spend a night in the banks ATM and sleep on the street in summer.

Because Xiao Xuanxuan left home, his parents had educated him, beaten him, scolded him, frightened him, and advised him, but it was no use. He would leave home every three or five times. There was no way. Later, his parents could only pay special attention to his movements, try not to give him the chance to leave alone and look at him without blinking. But we are all part-time workers, but also to work, how can we keep an eye on every day.

Question | Families are very common and dont know why they left home.

For the reason why Xiaoxuan often left home, his family also said it was unclear. Normally, he is moderately disciplined, not too harsh, nor too laissez-faire. It must be said, but it will not give him much pressure, and did not force him. He left home on the 22nd, which was typical. No one said anything about him. He got up early and ran out. Luo Dad told reporters that Xiaoxuanxuan usually behaves normally in school, that is, some playful. If teachers and parents hold fast, they can also score 90 points. If they relax, they will fall to 7 or 80 points. All these show that Xiaoxuans intelligence is not a problem.

Luo Dad said that Xiaoxuan liked to go out when he was young. Once he cried when he was very young, he would not cry when he held him outside, but his brothers and sisters did not have similar situation. Parents and teachers who have contacted Xiaoxuan said that the childs greatest feature is that he has great ideas and courage.

Interpretation | Expert Suggestions: Counseling Psychological Institutions to Find Reasons

From December 23 to today, Xiaoxuan left home for the longest time. On the first few occasions, he did not return home, and the family was still very nervous, thinking that he had been lost or abducted. But as the number of times increased, the family also had some no surprise, in Luo Dads words, indeed a little numb.

After finding Xiaoxuanxuan, Luo Dad said that he was very grateful to the teachers and the society for their concern. The children left home many times not only made the family anxious, but also occupied social resources. Im sorry to you all.

But for Xiao Xuanxuan, because they work in Beijing, they can not stare at their son all day. He wants to send his son back to Fujian and let his family take care of him wholeheartedly. But his legs grow on him, and if he wants to go, Im afraid nobody can see him. Beijings relative public security is better. If it is lost in its hometown, it is easier to be dangerous and harder to find.

Luos father also wondered if he could put a positioning device on his son to prevent him from being unable to find him when he left home. But if his son refuses to cooperate, he can throw away the equipment when he leaves. He is also very upset about his sons situation.

Zhao Xiao, PhD in Psychology, Beijing Normal University, believes that childrens behavior is generally related to their surroundings, especially their parentscommunication with them. For example, if parents raise their children more freely, their children may have greater ideas and stronger sense of autonomy. For example, Xiao Xuanxuan left home for the first time and did not go out to play. After he was found by his parents, his parents gave him the correct guidance. The children may only know why he left home and did not know why he was wrong, what the harm was and how to do it. All of these may lead the children to continue this behavior in the future. But for specific reasons, parents need to take their children with them and communicate with psychologists for later judgment.

At the same time, Dr. Zhao suggested that taking Xiaoxuanxuan back home is not a good choice. Bringing Xiaoxuanxuan back home means that children become left-behind children, which may have an impact on childrens psychology. Parents had better take their children for psychological counseling, find out the problems with their children, and fundamentally solve the situation of children leaving home.

Source: Beijing Youth Daily Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284