Clove Garden Clinic sells $1980 orthopaedic insoles in response: medical devices

 Clove Garden Clinic sells $1980 orthopaedic insoles in response: medical devices

This Clove Garden Clove Clinic orthotic insoleclaims thatpainless ankle cosmetic correction, professional one-stop orthodontic management in Europe and the United States, the price is 1980 yuan.

Why is the insole so expensive? Is it a hoax? Is it worth it?

On January 12, the clove garden responded to the surging news. The insoles of the clove clinic are medical external fixtures, belonging to a class of medical devices. The state has put on record the production of a class of medical devices. It is not sold to the general population. Doctors evaluate it and recommend it only if it meets certain indications.

Clove Garden Brand Department staff told Peng Mei News, Sales volume is very small, (online) on the shelves only as a display, specific evaluation or to the clinic.

In fact, there are long-standing doubts. This insole is an orthopaedic device used to deal with flat feet, hallux valgus, heel pain and other problems, explained Xiaoyuan Weibo at noon on Jan. 8. Doctors from the Clove Clinic and officials from the Clove Clinic responded in succession, saying that it is a sole insole rather than a insole for all diseases.

The dispute has not been settled. Peng Mei News noted that some netizens pointed out that the price of clove clinic insoles was higher than that of Quan Jians bone-based health insoles with a bid price of 1068 yuan. Some netizens thought that the insoles belonged to orthopaedic appliances and could not be compared with the price of bone-based which was deceived by false propaganda. Some netizens also suggested that clove garden should approve the qualification, utility and customization principle of the product. The material is disclosed.

On January 11, a self-Media article once again stirred up controversy. The article pointed out that Xiaoyuan Weibo had forwarded the news that Xinhua News Agency had exposed that a public hospital in Nanjing was selling high-priced insoles, but the insoles sold in the clove clinic were also high-priced, which the article called double labels (note: double standards).

Peng Mei News noted that the article mentioned that in September 2018, Xinhua News Agency Xinhua Viewpoint reported that the Jiangsu Peoples Hospital Spinal Disease Rehabilitation Diagnosis and Treatment Center sold customized insoles with biomechanical correction function, selling for more than 2600 yuan. Xinhua Perspective survey found that insole manufacturers only need to process a pair of insoles with more than 200 yuan of blank slightly to get more than 2,000 yuan gross profit, and hospital medical staff can get a 200 yuan Commission for each pair sold.

It is worth noting that Xia Zhimin, the orthopaedic moderator and surgeon in charge of surgery in the Clove Garden, released a pair of insoles of 2000 yuan on his micro-blog and the Clove Garden Forum when the high-priced insoles in Jiangsu Peoples Hospital were exposed. Is it a deception or is it reasonable? Article 1.

The article says, Its not expensive. We cant just look at the cost of raw materials. Orthopaedic insoles. The cost of raw materials may not be so expensive... But a pair of qualified orthopaedic insoles, which combines clinical medical assessment, biomechanical solutions, material science, customized equipment and technology, has a high technical content.

Xia Zhimin also introduced in the article, simply speaking, do not do a comprehensive inspection and evaluation, nor do they have biomechanical analysis, just use some gimmicks to lure you to buy insoles, we should be careful.

Source of this article: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284