Two people were killed and 49 injured in an explosion at a bakery in Paris due to a gas leak

 Two people were killed and 49 injured in an explosion at a bakery in Paris due to a gas leak

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Two people were killed and 49 injured in a Paris bakery due to a gas leak and explosion (Source:)

According to foreign media reports, a large-scale explosion occurred in the 9th District of Paris at 9 a.m. local time on the 12th. Photographs show buildings on fire and streets covered with debris and debris. Witnesses said the whole block had been destroyed.

The Paris Police reported that the explosion took place in a bakery on Treviz Street, close to commercial districts such as Lafayettes Department Store. Police said the explosion was caused by a gas leak and had nothing to do with the current yellow vest protests. French Interior Minister Castane said that 200 firefighters and more than 100 police officers were deployed on the scene to carry out fire fighting and rescue operations, initially judged as an accident.

According to the Paris police, up to now, the accident has killed two firefighters and injured 49 others, including 12 seriously.

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