Married men and women cheating on the Internet for 2 years. The woman wants to break up and is threatened by her lovers knife

 Married men and women cheating on the Internet for 2 years. The woman wants to break up and is threatened by her lovers knife

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Married men and women have been cheating on the Internet for 2 years. The woman who wants to break up is threatened by her lover with a knife (Source: ~)

Zhang Mou, who lives in Sifanghe, Guiyang City, met a woman on the Internet. They talked speculatively and decided on a relationship. Recently, when the woman asked for a breakup, the two sides fell out.

On the day of the incident, Zhang arrived at the place where the lover worked and said he wanted to make a conclusion. A violent clash ensued between the two sides, and police arrived at the scene after receiving the alarm, when the mans hand was scratched.

After pulling apart the two men, the police learned that both men and women had families and had underground relations for more than two years. Recently, when a woman proposed to break up, she was strongly opposed by the man. On the day of the incident, they had another dispute because of the breakup. In a fit of pique, Zhang bought a knife more than 20 centimeters long in a nearby supermarket. Witnesses said Zhang was planning to cut people with a knife.

Zhang denied the allegation of murder. He said he brought his knife to the door just to frighten the other party. During the dispute between the two sides, his hand was also cut by the woman.

At present, the two men have been taken to the police station of the district under their jurisdiction, and the matter is being further dealt with.

Source: Look at the News Responsible Editor: Li Wan_B11284