Poland captures Huawei employees. This University in China has become a top intelligence school?

 Poland captures Huawei employees. This University in China has become a top intelligence school?

The arrest of Huawei employees in Poland last night caused a great disturbance at home and abroad. We first reported.

_Screenshot of Polish National Television (TVP) Report (via Global Network)

In response, Huawei responded to the Global Times by saying:

Huawei has been informed of the relevant information and is in the process of further understanding. There is no further comment on this for the time being. Huawei has always complied with all applicable laws and regulations of the country in which it operates, and required all employees to abide by the laws and regulations of the country in which it operates.

In addition, the Chinese Embassy in Poland has confirmed that Huawei employees were indeed arrested in Poland.

Subsequently, the Observer Network noted that when Stanis? Aw? Aryn, spokesman of the Polish National Intelligence Agency, announced the identity of the arrested person on Twitter on November 11, all six departments including the CIA, FBI and State Department of the United States were @once.

_via Observer Network

As for its meaning, the dull homepage gentleman said it was somewhat incomprehensible.

In addition, in foreign media reports, the public also took note of a detail in a report by the United States International News Agency.

_via United States International

The second largest U.S. news agency quoted Polish officials as saying that the arrested Huawei sales director graduated from Chinas top intelligence school.

So where is the top school?

Beijing Foreign Studies University.

It is also the alma mater of many of my colleagues.

Homepage Juns circle of friends suddenly became lively. Some people said that it had changed from Beijing Foreign Studies University to Beijing Foreign Spies University. Even the English abbreviation had not changed, it was still BFSU.

Drawing: A Jun

Before we knew it, we all got a double degree in Foreign Language and Information Science. There were so many hidden attributes in those classes we had, such as:

_Shots of Wechat Friends Circle

Even Niu Huayong, Dean of Beiwai International Business School, wrote in his circle of friends and on Weibo.

_Dean Niu Huayongs circle of friends and microblog screenshots

Do you feel like you are growing taller all of a sudden? Your responsibilities are heavier in an instant? Overnight, we become the top intelligence officers who make foreign officials and media scared?

On this homepage, you should congratulate the students and graduates of all foreign language colleges and universities and foreign language majors all over the country. Everyone can get a double degree and expand their career in a new direction without spending more money.

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