A deputy mayor of Jiangsu Province served as a group leader for more than 40 years, causing a heated discussion on the official matter: the matter is under discussion

 A deputy mayor of Jiangsu Province served as a group leader for more than 40 years, causing a heated discussion on the official matter: the matter is under discussion

Recently, a government document of Xuzhou triggered a heated discussion among netizens. According to the notification document, Wang Jianfeng, the executive vice mayor of Xuzhou City, Jiangsu Province, served as more than 40 group leaders in the city. So many positions prompted discussion among netizens. On December 12, Xuzhou Municipal Government Office told Beijing Youth Daily that in response to the announcement that triggered a heated discussion among netizens, it had reported to the relevant responsible person, and the local government was currently holding a meeting to discuss the matter.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that the Notice of the Office of the Municipal Government of Comrade Wang Jianfeng on the Adjustment of the Job of the Consultative and Coordinating Body was published on the official website of the local government on October 30, 2018.

Documents show that Wang Jianfeng, then the executive vice mayor of Xuzhou, was also the head of the coordination group of promoting the transformation of functions of the municipal government and the leading group of municipal affairs services, and led by more than 40 deliberation and coordination bodies. He was in charge of personnel, prices, taxation, food safety and the reform of state-owned enterprises. In the past few days, as netizens released the document to the social platform, because the information about the vice mayors position as team leader was listed on a full screen, promptly aroused everyones attention and discussion.

Some netizens worry about whether a person will be too busy to take charge of so much work, but some netizens think this is a true reflection of the busy work of some local government units.

According to the statistics of this document, the Beijing Youth Daily reporter found that the number of the standing vice mayor serving as the deliberative and coordinating body reached 46. Compared with other publicized objects, there was indeed a situation of more posts.

Beijing Youth Daily reporters found that the notice had been withdrawn from the official website of Xuzhou Municipal Government on the 12th, after sparking a heated discussion among netizens. Beijing Youth Daily reporter learned from the Xuzhou Municipal Government Office on the 12th that Wang Jianfengs appointment has been reported to the leadership, and relevant leaders are starting to hold a meeting.

According to the public data, Wang Jianfeng was born in 1967. He served as Deputy Secretary of Taicang Municipal Committee, Acting Mayor, Mayor, Standing Committee of Nantong Municipal Committee and Vice Mayor of the Municipal Government. In October 2018, Wang Jianfeng was transferred from Nantong Vice Mayor to Xuzhou Vice Mayor, responsible for the executive work of the municipal government. On the official website of Xuzhou Municipal Government, Wang Jianfeng is mainly responsible for development and reform, land and resources management, human resources and social security, statistics, production safety, price, finance, taxation, administration service management, government affairs publicity, emergency management, administration of organs, government legal system, materials, aid to Xinjiang, north-south linkage, etc. He assists in the management of finance, state assets, auditing, personnel, etc. Work on organizational structure, etc.

In fact, it is not uncommon for the main leaders of municipalities and prefectures to serve as the leaders of many government deliberation and coordination bodies. In a circular issued in Changshu, Jiangsu Province in 2017, reporters from Beiqing Daily found that there was also a cadre with 37 positions in the deliberation and coordination bodies, which covered many areas such as environmental protection, water conservancy, food security and so on. In a notification issued in 2017 by a district in Shanwei City, Guangdong Province, 43 positions were held by the district governor concurrently as the coordinating body of district direct deliberations.

The reporter of Beiqing Daily learned that, in practice, many leading cadres hold full-time functions as deliberation and coordination bodies. On the one hand, some affairs need to be coordinated and coordinated across districts, counties, departments and industries. They need corresponding leaders to coordinate and regularly promote the work. They have the functions of guidance, organization, coordination and supervision. On the other hand, it is also to show the local attention to this field, so as to facilitate better work to carry forward, including some higher-level directives need to be established.

Many of these so-called group leaders and other functions of the deliberative and coordinating bodies are temporary and phased, which are established to promote the development of a certain work. In principle, the deliberative coordinating body does not set up its own office, authorize its establishment and approve its funds separately. Therefore, the concurrent functions of the deliberative coordinating body will not occur in the situation that the netizens imagine that they will hold several real jobs or even get multiple salaries.

According to the Regulations on the Establishment and Compilation of Local Peoples Governments at All Levels, which came into effect in 2007, the establishment of deliberative coordination bodies by local peoples governments at all levels should be strictly controlled; no deliberative coordination bodies shall be set up if they can be entrusted with the functions of existing institutions or coordinated by existing institutions to solve problems. In order to handle a specific work within a certain period of time, the deliberative and coordinating body shall clearly stipulate the conditions and time limit for its withdrawal.

According to the Regulations, the deliberation and coordination organs of local peoples governments at or above the county level shall not set up separate offices, and the specific work shall be undertaken by the relevant administrative organs. In fact, this also means that the functions of local governments at and above the county level are basically part-time.

Source: Editor-in-Charge of Beijing Youth Daily: Fan Jiangguoyi_NN9138