The gang used Internet billing to defraud nearly 200 suspects from Laos

 The gang used Internet billing to defraud nearly 200 suspects from Laos

Peng Mei News learned from the Henan Public Security Department that at about 19:00 on January 11, two chartered flights of China Civil Aviation landed at Xinzheng International Airport in Henan Province. 191 suspects who used Internet billing to commit fraud were escorted back from Laos by Henan public security organs. More than 8 cases involving more than 8 provinces, districts and cities in China were successfully solved, involving more than 6 million yuan.

The Central Committee of the Party and the State Council attach great importance to combating and curbing new types of crimes in telecommunication networks. General Secretary Xi Jinping has made important instructions on many occasions. Zhao Kezhi, State Councilor, Minister of Public Security and Convenor of the Joint Inter-ministerial Meeting of the State Council on Combating and Governing New Types of Illegality and Crime in Telecom Networks, made a special work plan and put forward specific requirements. In view of the new situation and characteristics of telecommunication network crime, the joint inter-ministerial meeting decided to organize a new round of special action against telecommunication network crime for one year from December last year. This time, 191 suspects of telecommunication network fraud were escorted back to China by Henan public security organs for the first time this year. It is also a concrete measure for the public security organs to further promote a new round of special action against governance.

191 suspects were escorted to Zhengzhou Xinzheng International Airport. The detainees changed each suspects cotton-padded clothes and disembarked. Dahe newspaper

Since last year, there have been many cases of telecommunication network fraud in Zhengzhou, Nanyang and Xuchang of Henan Province. The victim trusts the false propaganda that online bill-brushing can get a rebate. After contacting the fraudster on social platforms such as QQ, the victim completes the bill-brushing task according to his instructions. The cost of bill-brushing is paid by the victim. After the victim falls into the trap of fraud gradually, not only can he not get the so-called rebate, but his bill-brushing fee is also cheated by the fraudsters, and the amount of money cheated varies from 5,000 yuan to 30,000 yuan.

After reporting the case, the Ministry of Public Security attaches great importance to it, and deploys the local public security organs involved to quickly verify the case clues and try their best to solve the case. In accordance with the deployment, Henan public security organs immediately set up special teams to carry out investigation, and after a large number of investigations and careful judgments, initially identified the fraud nests in Laos. Last December, the Ministry of Public Security dispatched a working group composed of police officers of Henan public security organs to Laos to carry out law enforcement cooperation in combating fraud crimes. With the strong support of the Chinese Embassy in Laos, the Working Group and the Lao Police have actively carried out case investigation work to gradually identify the specific location of fraud sites and the organizational structure of criminal gangs in Laos. Recently, the working group joined the Lao police to launch five networking operations on nine fraud sites, knocked down 11 criminal gangs, arrested 191 suspects, and seized a large number of crime tools such as bank cards, computers, mobile phones, fraud scripts and so on. Subsequently, the relevant Lao authorities decided to transfer the suspects to the Chinese side for processing. On January 11, according to the arrangement of the Ministry of Public Security, the public security organs of Henan Province organized the civilian police to escort him back to China.

The responsible person of the Ministry of Public Security said that in recent years, the crime of telecommunication network fraud has occurred frequently, which is deeply disgusted by the people and all walks of life. The public security organs will continue to crack down on such crimes in accordance with the deployment of the national videoconference on cracking down on new types of illegal and criminal activities in telecommunication networks. They will continue to crack down on such crimes with great efforts and efforts. They will continue to strengthen international law enforcement cooperation, squeeze the living space of fraudsters at home and abroad, and effectively safeguard the property safety and legitimate rights and interests of the people.