Hualin Henan Headquarters was sealed up and 13 departments jointly renovated the health care market

 Hualin Henan Headquarters was sealed up and 13 departments jointly renovated the health care market

The latest blockbuster news!

Warring acid base level officially declared

Waring acid base level one of the six headquarters in China

Henan Shangqiu Hualin Headquarters

It has been sealed up! An in-depth investigation is under way!

11 January afternoon

Metropolitan Reporters Come to Shangqiu Again

Hualin Companys Meeting in Shangqiu

It has been sealed up by local authorities.

Suiyang Branch of Shangqiu Administration for Industry and Commerce

Law enforcement officials said

They are collecting clues.

Once it is verified that Waring Sulphur and Alkali Level Company is suspected of pyramid selling, it will be punished according to law.

Quan Jians several principals have just been detained

Waring acid-base level is still against the wind!

Urban reports will continue to be of concern!

Henan Provinces law enforcement departments have also begun to take action.

The morning of 11 January

Led by Henan Province Market Supervision and Administration Bureau

Provincial Public Security Department, Civil Affairs Department, Commerce Department and other 13 departments

Joint issuance of the Hundred Days Action Plan for Joint Rehabilitation of Health Care Market Chaos

Among them, services claiming to have health care effects have become the focus of rectification.

Our province will focus on investigating and dealing with free experience, lectures, tourism, etc.

Sales of health care products in the form of free clinics

It is strictly forbidden to borrow the name of pension service.

Unlawful fund-raising for the elderly

As well as the use of pension services

Disruption of market order by false propaganda

After the end of Warings program

Wechat has a large audience in the background.

Send out all kinds of questions about health care products


Act together,

Save the middle-aged and old relatives and friends who are addicted to health care products!

Keep these phone calls in mind

Reporting Telephone: 12315, 12365, 12331, 12358

Quan Jians murder for money

Several persons in charge were detained after the media exposure

Warring acid and alkaline level higher than the complaint of the healthy country

How long will it last?

Warring acid and alkali level is so against the wind

Im afraid its hard to keep quiet.

(The official website of Hualin Group shows that Liu Delin is the current chairman of Hualin Group_)

Source: Responsible Editor of Urban Reporting: Han Jiapeng_NN9841