Media: The cockpit is not a meeting room to fly an airplane, not to mention pulling girls

 Media: The cockpit is not a meeting room to fly an airplane, not to mention pulling girls

On Jan. 9, the official microblog of East China Sea Airlines said that it had dealt with the matter seriously on Aug. 2, 2018 and given an internal briefing. A processing circular of the airline said that captain Chen Mou-mou was punished by stopping for six months, canceling the qualifications of teachers, giving RMB 12,000 yuan economic penalty, and at the same time reimbursing the fare of the subsequent flight section according to the original price of the ticket. Other related persons were also punished to varying degrees.

Passengers are not allowed to enter the cockpit, which is the minimum common sense, Because pilots are absolutely not allowed to be disturbed at work. If the cockpit is mingled with criminals or terrorists, the consequences are even more unthinkable. At present, all civil aviation is specially equipped with locks on the cockpit doors of aircraft, and ordinary people are absolutely not allowed to enter. Many airlines, even flight attendants, have strict restrictions on entering and delivering water. The pilot allowed passengers to enter the cockpit, which was clearly a serious violation.

Event notes released by East China Sea Airlines show that female passengers and pilots are husband and wife. But this in no way alters the bad nature of the event. It is reported that there are many similar news. Almost all of those who were allowed into the cockpit by the captain were young women. After flight MH370 was disconnected, an Australian young woman claimed that the co-pilot had previously invited her into the cockpit for fun during a flight. On a Pakistani International Airlines flight from Tokyo to Beijing in 2017, the captain invited a young Chinese woman to the cockpit until the plane landed... In the civil society, there is also a long-standing rumor that female passengers are invited into the cockpit of an aircraft. Compared with the reported cases, this rumor is not without foundation.

It is of course necessary for the Civil Aviation Administration to intervene in dealing with the matter in time after the event. However, the previously announced disposal measures, in the outside world seems to be a little bit of dragonfly water, can not play a deterrent effect. Therefore, the airline timely announcement of more severe penalties, but also to clarify misunderstandings, show their attitude is necessary.

Civil Aviation Administrations punishment is based on Rules for Authentication of Operational Qualification of Carriers in Public Air Transport of Large Aircraft, but this is only an industry norm. The act of allowing female passengers to enter the cockpit has been suspected of violating the law. Chinas Civil Aviation Law stipulates that the pilot-in-command is responsible for the operation of civil aircraft. The pilot-in-command shall strictly perform his duties to protect the safety of civil aircraft and its personnel and property. Any activity that may affect flight safety shall be approved according to law and necessary measures to ensure flight safety shall be taken before it can be carried out.

Allowing passengers to enter the cockpit seems a trivial matter, but it is a huge security loophole, which may cause major security risks to all passengers on the entire flight. Now, pilots have been punished by the Civil Aviation Administration and airlines. Should airlines with lax pilots be held more seriously accountable?

Everyone remembers the epic story of the heroic captain of Sichuan Airlines last May when the windshield in front of the right seat of the cockpit broke and fell off. The heroic captains feat does not come from chance, but from heroic accomplishment. One of the most critical is to operate strictly in accordance with the norms.

Every indulgence in a security breach can lead to a terrible accident. If we cant tighten the safety chord at all times, we cant attach great importance to the details, so that the cockpit can be regarded as a meeting room, and the aircraft can be regarded as a sister-pulling opportunity, which will inevitably bury potential safety hazards and put passengers in a dangerous situation.

Source: Peng Mei News Responsible Editor: Han Jiapeng_NN9841