Video Exposure of GirlsSurveillance at the Casualty Discovery Site to Help the Elderly

 Video Exposure of GirlsSurveillance at the Casualty Discovery Site to Help the Elderly

Liuzhou: Two fatalities and one injured escaped driver in the traffic accident of Liujiang Bridge have been brought to justice (Source:)

On the morning of December 12, the reporter learned from the family of kind girl Lu Minghua that Lu Minghua, who helped the elderly on the Liujiang Bridge in the early morning of December 30, 2018, was seriously injured and died at 4 a.m. on January 12 due to the serious condition of the injuries, which were ineffective after rescue. Lu Minghuas deeds have touched many netizens and received help and donations from many enthusiasts. Family members thank the enthusiasts with the help of this newspaper.

At 5:00 a.m. on December 30, 2018, Lu Minghua took his friend Xiaohuangs electric car home and passed through Liujiang Bridge. Lu saw that an old man on the bridge was knocked down by an electric car and nobody was going to help him, so he said he would help the old man and let Xiao Huang drive the car to Henan Bridge to wait for her. Unexpectedly, in this process, a car suddenly crashed, causing the death of the elderly and another man at the scene, Lu Minghua was seriously injured and hospitalized.

Guangxi TV reported on the accident on December 30, 2018, and police surveillance video was exposed.

The scene of the incident.

Lu Minghua, a kind-hearted girl, was seriously injured when she was helping the elderly at Liujiang Bridge in Liuzhou City. Her story aroused widespread concern after being reported.

After the accident, many citizens and netizens had been concerned about Xiaolus safety.

Earlier, Xiaolus relatives also responded to the concerns of netizens through the public number of this newspaper.

On the morning of January 5, Zhou Shuangshen, Vice President of the Red Cross Society of Liuzhou City, led staff to Liuzhou Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital to deliver 20,000 yuan of relief money to the family members of kind girl Lu Minghua.

Twenty thousand yuan of relief money was handed over to the mother of the injured.

The news of Liuzhou women helping the elderly was seriously injured touched many netizens and readers, and also attracted the attention of a public welfare platform. On January 7, the public welfare platform staff contacted this report and said that they would award Luminghua a positive energy bonus of 20,000 yuan.

In their award speech, they wrote as follows:

On a rainy morning, the figure of the old man falling to the ground is so helpless. She was passing by the bus, but without saying a word, got out of the car and went forward. Dressed in the old mans coat, with love and warmth, but because of the disaster, blood dripping. Girls do not hesitate to do good deeds, so that we can not help but respect. The phrase no complaints, no regrets from our family makes us deeply moved after our heartache.

The most precious thing in the world is a kind heart. Ordinary as she is, she is still willing to lend a helping hand when others suffer, and still willing to look at the world with conscience and intolerance. Reward this beautiful soul, not to let the good-hearted people bleed and shed tears, so that the society more warm and kind.

Xiao Lus kindness touched us

May there be no accidents in heaven

Traffic policemen who were badly injured because they helped the elderly: ambiguous monitoring remains to be determined

Recently, the news of a woman in Liuzhou, Guangxi, who was seriously injured in a second car accident to help the elderly hit by the crash has spread through the internet. On January 11, traffic police detachment staff of Liuzhou Public Security Bureau confirmed to reporters that there were indeed women who were injured by a second car accident. The driver involved in the accident overspeed and escaped, taking full responsibility.