DPRK media report 48 minutes on Kim Jong-uns visit to China quoting five Chinese music pieces

 DPRK media report 48 minutes on Kim Jong-uns visit to China quoting five Chinese music pieces

In the film, five melodious Chinese songs, such as I Love You China, Song of the Yangtze River, Red Flag Flying, Toast Song and Unforgettable Tonight, are cited as background music, highlighting the theme of Korean-Chinese friendship.

In the film also appeared Dandong Station, Sino-Korean Friendship Bridge and other landmarks with close-up pictures.

In addition, the DPRK Central News Agency reported in detail on Kim Jong-uns visit to China on the 10th. The report pointed out that Kim Jong-un decided to visit China for the first time in the New Year in order to open a great new chapter and era of DPRK-China relations and promote the mainstream of goodwill and friendship. At the same time, this year marks the 70th anniversary of the establishment of diplomatic relations between the DPRK and China. The two countries have maintained high-level exchanges of visits and exchanges in political, economic, military and cultural fields. In order to strengthen high-level exchanges and deepen strategic communication, the two sides also discussed relevant programs. The report calls China a trusted rear and a firm comrade and friend.

The report concludes that, with the great concern of the people of Korea, China and the international community, the visit to the Peoples Republic of China by the top leader of the DPRK at the beginning of the New Year is another important event in the history of friendship and solidarity between the two parties, and is of great significance in further strengthening the strategic communication between the top leadership of the DPRK and maintaining peace and stability on the Korean Peninsula. The historical opportunity of righteousness.

At the invitation of Xi Jinping, General Secretary of the CPC Central Committee and President of the State, Kim Jong-un, Chairman of the Korean Labour Party and State Council, paid a visit to China from 7 to 10 January.