Expert on the Fourth Maritime Test of Domestic Carriers: Delivery to the Navy is on the horizon

 Expert on the Fourth Maritime Test of Domestic Carriers: Delivery to the Navy is on the horizon

BEIJING, Jan. 12 (Yan Jin, Chen Yunlong) According to Hong Kong media reports quoted by Global Network, Chinas first domestic aircraft carrier returned to Dalian shipyard dock on the morning of Jan. 8 and completed its fourth sea trial mission. In an interview with Peoples Network, military expert Li Jie said that if the work goes smoothly, the first domestic aircraft carrier will be officially delivered to the Navy for use in the near future.

Reported that when the domestic aircraft carrier returned to the port after sea test, there was an equal proportion model of a J-15 electronic warplane and a straight-18 carrier helicopter on the flight deck, which were parked at the rear of the deck and beside the island. Compared with the photos taken before the carriers voyage, it can be found that the positions of the two model aircraft have changed. It is likely that the mooring test on the deck was carried out during the sea trial.

Cao Weidong, a military expert, told Renmin. com in the past that the aircraft model is to carry out some on-board scheduling training. At the same time, the full-scale model should be used to test whether the elevator and other equipment can operate normally and how many on-board aircraft can be accommodated by the aircraft carrier.

According to media reports, according to common practice, carrier test can be divided into pre-service test and post-service formation test. Pre-service test is generally used to test the navigation performance, such as hull power, command system, watertight cabin sealing, radar navigation, communication system and other performance. The list of sea trial is very long. According to the general rule, the core of the first sea trial is power system. The second sea trial still concentrates on testing navigation functions including power system, navigation system and communication system. The third sea trial is a more comprehensive test for more systems, such as dispatching inspection.