Most Strange Traffic Accident Bulletin: After the man killed his daughter-in-law, he was killed and the driver surrendered himself

 Most Strange Traffic Accident Bulletin: After the man killed his daughter-in-law, he was killed and the driver surrendered himself

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Think carefully and be afraid of it! uuuuuuuuuuu The man who ran into the dead in the morning and let his daughter-in-law cover up the dead just killed his daughter-in-law. (Source: ~)

According to the official micro-blog of Linzi Branch Bureau of Zibo Public Security Bureau in Shandong Province, Linzi Police reported a bizarre car accident on the evening of November 11. After the suspect Wang Moumou killed his daughter-in-law, he died in a traffic accident. The suspect Li Moumou surrendered himself after escaping.

The police said in the circular that a criminal case occurred in a living area of Linzi District, Zibo City, at about 0.30 on January 10. Suspect Wang Moumou (male, 56 years old, Linzi District) stabbed his daughter-in-law after a dispute with him over trivial matters, and died in a certain rescue. At about 1:50 on the same day, Wang Momou died in a traffic accident at the intersection of Niushan Road and Yino Road in Linzi District. The suspect of escaping from traffic accident, Li Mou-mou, surrendered to the public security organ on January 11. At present, the case is being further investigated.

Full text of official micro-blog alert of Linzi Branch Bureau of Zibo Public Security Bureau, Shandong Province

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