Postoperative death of women with abdominal pain due to gauze retention was revoked

 Postoperative death of women with abdominal pain due to gauze retention was revoked

Beijing News Express on January 5, a media report, Sichuan women who died four months after surgery gauze body, who should bear responsibility for the deceased, caused widespread concern in society. Panzhihua City Health Planning Commission released the results of the investigation and disposal on its official website last night. The following is the full text of the report on the investigation and treatment of medical accidents in Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital:

Panzhihua Health and Family Planning Commission has set up an investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation of medical accidents in Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital in accordance with the principles of objectivity and impartiality. Based on the investigation, combined with the analysis opinions of provincial and municipal experts and the consultation opinions of technical experts on medical accidents of the Municipal Medical Association, the investigation results are obtained and handled. The relevant information is now published as follows:


(1) The gauze in the intestinal tract of the deceased Yuan Pingxiu was left over by the cesarean section in Hongshi Hospital of Panzhihua on June 6, 2018, which eventually led to septic shock leading to death. Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital bears the main responsibility. The follow-up diagnosis and treatment hospital Panzhihua City Central Hospital did not take further diagnostic measures according to difficult diseases and assumed slight responsibility.

(2) On June 6, Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital had no indication of operation for Yuan Pingxius cesarean section. Doctor Wen Liqiong, who participated in the preoperative discussion, had the primary responsibility, while Dr. Hu Xiaofeng had the secondary responsibility.

(3) There are some problems in Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital, such as inadequate capacity-building, inadequate management and lack of supervision and error-correcting mechanism for the implementation of the system. In the process of replacing the operation kit, the relevant system of operating room management was not strictly implemented. Su Aqin, the equipment nurse, Zhou Yan, the itinerant nurse, were mainly responsible, while Doctor Wen Liqiong took the secondary responsibility.

(4) The Western District Health and Family Planning Bureau has the problem of inadequate supervision of Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital.

(5) After verification, Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital and surgical staff have corresponding qualifications, and there is no case of medical practice beyond the scope. Vice-president Li Shengping participates in rescue after danger occurs during operation. According to relevant regulations, he does not belong to beyond the scope of practice.

II. Disposal of Opinions

The Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission has made the following treatment in accordance with relevant laws and regulations, such as the Law of the Peoples Republic of China on Licensed Physicians and Regulations on the Treatment of Medical Accidents.

(1) To instruct the Western District Health and Family Planning Bureau to deal with Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital and its medical staff who bear the main responsibility.

1. Revoke the Medical Institution License of Panzhihua Hongshi Hospital.

2. Revoke Doctor Wen Liqiongs Doctors Practice Certificate who presided over the preoperative discussion and operation.

3. Revoke Su Aqins Nurse Practice Certificate.

4. To revoke Zhou Yans Nurse Practice Certificate.

5. Doctor Hu Xiaofengs practice was suspended for 6 months.

(2) The Municipal Health and Family Planning Commission shall deal with the Central Hospital of Panzhihua City, which bears slight responsibilities.

1. warning.

2. According to the Measures for the Management of Poor Practice Scores in Medical Institutions of Sichuan Province, 4 points were scored.

3. To order the city central hospital to deal with the medical staff involved.

(3) To instruct the Western District Health and Family Planning Bureau to strengthen its own capacity-building and strengthen the supervision and management of medical institutions in its jurisdiction; and to deal with the directly responsible persons in charge and other directly responsible persons in accordance with the law.

In accordance with the requirements of the Municipal Committee and the municipal government, the administrative departments of health family planning at the municipal and district levels have learned lessons profoundly and carried out special management of medical safety in the municipal health family planning system to effectively safeguard the lives and health of the people.

Source: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310, responsible editor of Beijing News