The Minister of Armed Forces blocked petitioners from using sticks and other lethal weapons to discount petitionerslegs

 The Minister of Armed Forces blocked petitioners from using sticks and other lethal weapons to discount petitionerslegs

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The Minister of Armed Forces obstructed the petitioners from discounting the petitionerslegs with sticks and other lethal weapons (Source:)

Recently, the police in Harbin, Heilongjiang Province, have uncovered a number of cases involving criminal activities, including a criminal group headed by Zhou Guangbao, who, as the local minister of armed forces, is holding the banner of maintaining stability, but is doing the act of oppressing the people and traveling across the countryside.

From October 2017 to January 2018, there were three consecutive beatings of innocent people in Wuchang Town, Wuchang City, Heilongjiang Province.

Meng Xiangtao, squadron leader of the criminal investigation team of Wuchang Public Security Bureau: Three cases involved four petitioners who were beaten with sticks, picks and other lethal weapons at different locations.

Nine months after the incident, the beaten Li Jiashan old man was still in bed, unable to take care of himself, and his wife Geng Yuxia left 15 stitches on her arm. Another victim, Feng Ximin, has been limping so far.

Victim Feng Ximin: When you fight, you say youre not going to tell the truth this time.

Victim Li Jiashan: Its too strong. If you beat me like this, who dares to tell me?

Victims pointed the behind-the-scenes messenger to Zhou Guangbao, who was going to appeal to them. Through video contrast and technical reconnaissance, the police found a breakthrough point in the case.

Police Thunderstorm of Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wuchang Public Security Bureau: We found the license plate number of the suspected vehicle, but the license plate number is very unclear. We determined the license plate number through information research and judgment. The result is compared with the system. The owner of the license plate number is Zhou Guangbao himself.

Zhou Guangbao was then a member of the Party Committee of Wuchang Town and Minister of the Armed Forces Department. He had previously served as secretary and head of Wanbaoshan Village for 20 years.

Meng Xiangtao, Leader of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wuchang Public Security Bureau: On the surface, he was in charge of maintaining the stability of the visitors to Wuchang Town during his tenure as Minister of the Armed Ministry, but in fact, he attacked the petitioners in order to cover up the criminal facts of illegal land transfer during his tenure as village secretary.

Violence hurts petitioners and villagers dare not speak out in anger

After investigation, the police have a detailed grasp of the facts of gang crime led by Zhou Guangbao. During his tenure as secretary of Wanbaoshan Village, village head and Minister of armed forces of Wuchang Town, Zhou Guangbao, the suspect, had good relatives and friends in the process of land expropriation, demolition and land contracting transfer, and was full of personal pockets. Violent injuries and cruel means are used against persons who petition for land contract transfer.

In the course of the case investigation, the local people are afraid of being retaliated against the criminal gang.

Police Thunderstorm of the Criminal Investigation Brigade of Wuchang Public Security Bureau: If you stay at their house for a little longer, you will tell you, go quickly, I dont want to be affected by this. It is this criminal group that has a particularly bad influence in the countryside.

Moreover, Chen Moulong, who acted as a fighter for Zhou Guangbao, confessed that during the village election, Zhou Guangbao wanted to elect who would be elected. The reason why his father Chen Mouqian was elected as a village branch book was that both father and son obeyed Zhou Guangbaos orders.

On the evening of January 28, 2018, 10 arrest teams organized by Harbin Public Security Bureau collected the net uniformly. In Wuchang City, 10 people including Zhou Mouhui and Cai Mou, the main members of Zhou Guangbaos criminal gang, were captured. One shotgun, 79 shotgun bullets and 3 controlled knives were seized on the spot. Meanwhile, Zhou Guangbao, the main criminal, and Jiang Mou, a member of the gang, fell into the net in Shenzhen and Tianjin respectively. So far, all 12 members of the criminal gangs have been brought to justice.

Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee Deeply Digging the Backstage Umbrella

With Zhou Guangbao as the leader, the gangs of black and evil forces ran rampant in the countryside and oppressed the people for several years. What forces were behind them to support him? The Harbin Discipline Inspection Commission formally intervened in the investigation of the joint and several collusion behind Zhou Guangbao.

The Harbin Discipline Commission Supervisory Committee established an investigation team on the case, but Zhou Guangbao and his gang members resisted the investigation in order to escape the responsibility. To this end, the investigation team adjusted its direction, starting from the periphery. A case of injury in 2015 attracted the attention of the Working Group.

Zhu Yanhai, Deputy Director of the Thirteenth Examination and Investigation Office of Harbin Discipline Commission: In 2015, two key members of Zhou Guangbao Gang, one of whom was his nephew, participated in a provocative case and was sentenced to (suspended) imprisonment. This was originally a case of provocation, which turned out to be a suspended sentence for all persons in the case of injury.

According to the circumstances of the case, if it is defined as a provocative crime, all the criminals can not apply probation. In order to avoid severe punishment for criminals, Sun Mou, a police officer handling the case, intentionally concealed the facts of the crime after being entrusted by Zhou Guangbao, and transferred the case to the examination and prosecution for intentional injury.

Zhu Yanhai: Whats more odd about this case is that in the process of trial, as a court, he should respect the facts of the case and make a judgment after finding out the facts. However, the Fifth Standing Court did not make a judgment in accordance with the trial procedure, but sentenced a suspended sentence in accordance with the circumstances of transfer.

After the investigation team found this problem, it carried out a thorough investigation of all aspects of the case.

Zhu Yanhai: When the case was brought to the court for trial, Zhou Guangbao called Liu Mou, the president of the Wuchang Court in charge of criminal investigation, and asked Liu Mou to take care of the case. This Liu Mou, with the help of Zhou Guangbao in 2012, bought a lot of land illegally in Wanbaoshan village and bought and sold land illegally. He made a profit. So he said that he was grateful to Zhou Guangbao. He called Zhao Mou, the chief judge of the case, to ask what the situation was. Because Zhao Mou also accepted the entrustment of the family of the suspect, he asked him in charge of the dean. When asked about the case, he told the director in charge that this was an ordinary case of injury.

In this way, all five criminals in the case were given light sentences. Afterwards, the case was retried by Harbin Intermediate Court. Five prisoners were sentenced to fixed-term imprisonment ranging from three to four years in the first trial.

At present, Liu Mou, former vice-president of the Wuchang City Court, and Sun Mou, police officer of the police station, have been expelled from the Party membership, dismissed from public office, transferred to the judicial organs, and investigated for criminal responsibility. Zhao Mou, former president of the trial court of the Wuchang City Court, is still in the stage of detention review.

Source: Responsible Editor of CCTV News Mobile Network: Zhang Xianchao_NN9310