The reason why a 35-year-old female doctor wants to work overtime during the Spring Festival is that she doesnt want to be urged to marry during the Spring Festival.

 The reason why a 35-year-old female doctor wants to work overtime during the Spring Festival is that she doesnt want to be urged to marry during the Spring Festival.

Another year passed, the object was still not found, the work performance was mediocre, old classmates buy houses and cars one by one... How to face relatives and friends when you go home for the New Year?

Faced with the coming New Year, many people look forward to it, but many people are worried, anxious, and even need to seek the help of psychologists.

Almost from late December 2018, the number of anxiety patients in outpatient clinics has gradually increased, covering almost all age groups from old to young, with young people accounting for more than half of them. Gao Jingfang, director of Mental Health Department of Zhejiang Traditional Chinese Medicine Hospital, told Qianjiang Evening News.

However, in the view of psychologists, such anxiety is not necessarily a bad thing. Appropriate anxiety can improve work efficiency and help solve problems.

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A 35-year-old female doctor is on duty during the Spring Festival in order to avoid hasty marriage.

There are still three weeks left for the Spring Festival of the Lunar New Year. Work units are making hard-to-balance shift arrangements, because most people want to be on less duty, preferably off duty. Miss Dong (pseudonym) was also very upset about this, so she sent a private letter to the leadership asking for more shift during the Spring Festival, saying that she wished to have a study and work year more than the reunion year of relatives and friends. Careful leaders find her unusual behavior and talk to her.

Originally, Miss Dong is a real three high women. She has high education, high income and the most unwilling age to face. Over the age of 35 is an old maternal, but she is still single. Usually, there are many enthusiastic people to introduce, but many people are afraid to step on hearing that she is a female doctor. Year after year, her life-long events became the top priority of the whole family. Every time relatives and friends gathered, everyone would have to offer advice to make Miss Dong embarrassed. So, in order to avoid being besieged, she wanted to use her work as an excuse to escape.

Coincidentally, the careful leader and Miss Dongs parents are of the same age. She especially understands the mood of the hasty parents. She said with great emphasis: Avoidance can not change the reality, only positive face can help solve the problem. Spring Festival vacation is a good opportunity for communication. You should take the opportunity to know more people, contact more people, shine your eyes and take the initiative to look for them. The person you are looking for may be there. I will not be on duty during the Spring Festival. Make good use of the holidays to solve your urgent affairs.

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College teachers are worried that they are worse off than their classmates.

Mr. Wu (a pseudonym) is only 34 years old. Recently, he always feels chest tightness. Because he often sees the news of sudden cardiac death among young people, he goes to the hospital for a comprehensive examination with some worries. As a result, everything is normal. The cardiologist transferred him to the Department of Psychology because his illness is also related to the New Year.

Ten years after graduation, the students made an appointment to hold a large class reunion. He always recalled that during the Spring Festival last year, when several students gathered together, some drove a luxury car and some bought high-priced school districts. Although he went to graduate school with a few of his classmates, he stayed in school as a teacher after graduation. Only in these years did he get married and give birth to a baby, and he felt that it had fallen a long way. There will be more people in this class meeting. By contrast, I will look even worse.

Mr. Wu was worried about his classmates. His wife helped him make a New Years plan to study for an in-service doctor, which made him even more upset. Looking back on those years, I tried hard to get into graduate school. I thought I could have a better future. I didnt realize that the living conditions nowadays are much worse than those with worse grades. How much change could I make if I took pains to study for a doctorate? As a result, the more I think about it, the more upset I am, the shallower I sleep. I always feel a big stone in my chest. I think its my heart thats out of order.

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IT guys are in a dilemma because of their life when they want to work

With the advent of the Internet era, the IT technology men are ushering in the spring. Xiao Zhao (pseudonym) is only under 30 years old. With his own efforts, he has bought two apartments in Hangzhou. His girlfriend who has talked for many years has reached the level of talking about marriage and marriage. To outsiders, his condition is perfect. However, recently, he also encountered a particularly upset thing, thinking and thinking about the brain is almost blown up.

Everyone knows that at the end of each year, many companies will be looking for opportunities to reserve talents for the coming year. Xiao Zhao is valued by a company in Shanghai. He has been offered a 50% higher income than he is now. What is more attractive is that he is given a management post to lead the team directly. All this is what he longed for and helpful to his future career development. He was very heartened.

Just calm down and think, after going to Shanghai to work, will the separation of the two places with the fiancee affect the marriage? Do you want to keep the house in Hangzhou or sell one to buy a house in Shanghai? A series of thoughts shaken his determination again. Looking closer and closer to each others request for an answer, Xiao Zhao, who was still wavering, became upset and irritable. He was always good-tempered and sometimes angry with his fiancee.

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Proper anxiety actually improves work efficiency

Over the past year, what changes have taken place in your feelings, life and work, whether you have achieved the goals set at the beginning of the year, and when friends and relatives get together to help you evaluate. Therefore, the so-called New Year Pass, as its name implies, like the Pass, so that some people who are not satisfied with themselves will appear anxious. Director Gao Jingfang said.

In most cases, year anxiety is temporary, many people after the New Year, this anxiety will gradually disappear, we need not worry too much. Moreover, from a psychological point of view, appropriate anxiety can actually improve work efficiency and help solve problems.

Chen Zhiyu, deputy director of Hangzhou Seven Hospital and an expert on early intervention of psychiatric disorders, said: Anxiety is an emotion and reaction formed in the course of human evolution. Because of it, we can adapt to and cope with changes in the environment. So at this level, when you are anxious, it may be a good thing to start solving problems.

Director Gao Jingfang also said that anxiety means that you are reflecting and analyzing yourself. On the one hand, you are sounding an alarm bell for yourself. You should try harder to solve problems. On the other hand, you should also recognize your advantages and avoid disadvantages in the future. So proper anxiety can stimulate a persons potential and bring you closer to your goals.

As the saying goes, sharpen your gun in front of the battle, not happy but bright. When you look at the weapon in your hand, confidence and momentum will follow. Psychology has positive and negative psychology, the main difference is a persons attitude, is a positive response or negative escape, of course, only the former can be closer to success, and anxiety to a certain extent can be considered as a positive psychology.

Put aside the theory and go back to real life, when reviewing exams, you may not be able to read much a month ago, barely calm down half a month ago, but you may be able to see ten lines at a glance the day before; generally speaking, in the fourth quarter of a year, the performance is often the most prominent, year-end assessment is approaching day by day, there is no room for idleness, only Take time to finish before you get the year-end prize. Both experts say that anxiety plays a magical role in it.

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Two criteria to see if your anxiety is appropriate

Of course, anxiety has its own severity, and it does not rule out that some peoples anxiety symptoms are particularly serious, which will affect their normal work and life, and even induce hidden psychological and mental illness. So, how to judge whether a persons anxiety is good or bad? Director Gao Jingfang helped us to sum up two criteria. We might as well compare them.

First, not generalization. For example, you are anxious because you havent found a partner for the time being. This kind of mood just occurs when you think about it, and then it doesnt affect you at work or when you play with friends, which means there is no generalization. If you dont find someone, you will be in a bad mood when you see someone who has an object. That means it has been generalized.

Second, it does not affect eating and sleeping. Emotions negative impact on a person will first be reflected in eating and sleeping. Your anxiety can be considered light when it doesnt make you tired of eating or sleeping.

However, if your anxiety has exceeded the above two criteria after observation, then it is necessary to seek the help of a professional psychologist, make a comprehensive and meticulous assessment of your experience and ability, see where the problem is, conduct targeted counseling, and, if necessary, have relevant intervention treatment.

Source: Responsible Editor of Qianjiang Evening News: Han Jiapeng_NN9841