Deutsche Transfer Administrator appeals not to expose too early that the FIFA starter will be acquired by the opponents

 Deutsche Transfer Administrator appeals not to expose too early that the FIFA starter will be acquired by the opponents

Just as everyone was busy celebrating Wu Lei and Yu Dabao, Zhu Yi, the Regional Administrator of the German Transfer Markt, appealed on the social platform to Chinese journalists in the United Arab Emirates not to expose the start of the national soccer team too early.

Zhu Yi said, Win. We are facing the last and strongest opponent of the group, South Korea. In addition, I would like to appeal to the journalists on the spot. In the future, please dont expose the starting line-up three or four hours before the match. In the previous two matches, the starting list of the National Football Team appeared on the Internet three or four hours before the match. This information was translated into English very quickly and appeared on the Twitter, Facebook and other extranet. It is very easy to be corrected. Hand access. It is reported that in the last match, the team did not announce the starting line-up to the players, but saw the starting line-up online. The Asian Football Association stipulates that the deadline for submitting the starting list is 1.5 hours before the match, and the opponents have enough time to set up the exposured starting list. I only announce the start 1.5 hours before the game, after the game supervisor confirms the list. Its too early to announce the start for three hours. I remember that one year in the second championship, the Guizhou people and their lineup were released on the Internet four hours ahead of schedule, then easily acquired by their opponents and temporarily changed their positions, and finally they failed to win the game.

Live reporters are very hard, eager to provide the latest information for fans and friends is very understandable, many starting lists are also very hard to sort out, dig out, but I also think it is best not to add trouble to the National Football Association, you can agree to wait until 1.5 hours before the game release. At this time, the supervisor has submitted the deadline list, and the competitors can no longer change the list.

Journalist friends can provide their opponents list in advance and publish a wrong list deliberately to confuse the audience if they really want to.

As for whether there will be such a situation as Zhu Yi said, there will indeed be the risk of opponents getting information, but how the media get the first round, if not only the media, other insiders are also likely to leak.

Anyway, if its good for the national team to prepare for the match, we really unite and work together in our own way to cheer for Chinese football.

Source: Netease Sports Author: A Feis Responsible Editor: Xu Song_NS1943