Huawei Canada Vice President announced his resignation: will continue to support Huawei

 Huawei Canada Vice President announced his resignation: will continue to support Huawei

On January 11, Scott Bradley, senior vice president of Huawei Canada, announced his resignation in social media. However, he said that in accordance with the requirements of the Huawei team, he would continue to provide advisory services to the company.

Bradley is from Huawei

At present, Bradley has noted in his LinkedIn profile that he no longer holds the post of Senior Vice President of Huawei Canadian Company, but has not disclosed the specific reasons.

Globe Post pointed out on January 11 that Bradley had resigned in a low-key manner as early as early as this week. In an interview with the media on November 11, Bradley refused to disclose the reasons for his resignation. Bradley simply said, (resignation) is not a sudden move, but has been thinking about it for the past year and a half, and I will no longer be in a formal position.

Bradley announced his resignation letter on LinkedIn

In a statement, Li Hongbo, president of Huawei Canadian Company, confirmed the incident. We are reluctant to part with his departure. We also thank him for his tireless efforts to help us strengthen Huaweis brand and establish relations with the [Canadian] government.

But Li added that Bradley would continue to serve as a special adviser.

Bradley was previously a key spokesman for Huawei Canadian Company and had close contacts with the Canadian government. He was twice listed by the Canadian political news newspaper Hill Daily as one of the countrys 100 most lobbyist people.

Reuters said that after the Meng Wanzhou incident, Bradley became the focus of attention. At Mengs third bail hearing on December 11, Vancouver Sun noticed Bradley. Meng was released on bail after the hearing.

On December 11, 2018, Bradley appeared at Meng Wanzhous third bail hearing, pictured outside the Vancouver Sun.

At the same time, Bradley also served as chairman of the 5G Canadian Committee. The organization, by the Canadian Trade Group Radio Telecommunications Union (unofficial), aims to promote the spread of 5G high-speed wireless technology in Canada.

According to LinkedIn, Bradley previously worked for BCE, a Canadian telecommunications company, which was ranked ninth in market value by Canadian Business Journal in 2015. In 2011, Bradley ran as a Liberal Party (left-leaning) candidate in the Canadian Federal Election and lost.

Bradley joined Huawei Canada in the same year and has worked for seven and a half years.

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