Visit FF Headquarters: Employees say that once financing is available, many people are willing to return to work.

 Visit FF Headquarters: Employees say that once financing is available, many people are willing to return to work.

At 11 a.m. on January 9, Western Time, Netease 163 came to the headquarters of the years most controversial businessman Jia Yueting, FF headquarters on Figueroa Street in southern Los Angeles, USA. Over the past year, every move here has always been like the wings of a butterfly flapping, setting off a wave of public opinion on the other side of the ocean. And just seven days ago, Hengda and FF announced that they had talked and separated, which once again became the focus of attention.

Red Line Area is FF Headquarters Park

External witness

Hundreds of cars parked in on-the-job parking lot

From the outside, this is an ordinary small car factory. The whole park has a two-storey U-shaped building and another small building with FF logo. As for the open space, there are more than 300 cars parked by employees. From time to time, employees shuttle between two office buildings.

But the park does have its own different elements: between the two office buildings, there are special parking spaces for electric vehicles, dozens of charging piles for free charging of employeesvehicles, including BMW i8, Tesla and other good cars, employees love of electric vehicles is evident.

Insiders said that in the case that FFs salary was lowered to the minimum due to financial problems and even the companys subsidized lunch was cancelled in the past, the benefit of charging employees free of charge was specially reserved by Jia Yueting.

You may think its ridiculous not to eat, but not to charge, but its really very Jia Yueting, or it can be understood that in trouble he is defending the final dignity of an electric car factory.

It is understood that the park was originally a Japanese automobile brand NISSAN in this industry, and nearly turned to Jia Yuetang as the headquarters of FF, and carried out a certain transformation, but the shape basically unchanged, the interior decoration style changed greatly, to keep pace with the Silicon Valley wind.

There are gardens, BBQ venues, table tennis tables, and four employees playing mixed doubles during the noon break.

The small building attached to FFlogo is the office of the administrative department. After going through the visitor formalities first, Mr. Nuo went to the U-shaped building where Jia Yuetangs office is located.

Internal exploration

FF91 research and development is still in progress, just experienced a round of staff reduction

The second floor of U-shaped building is FF brain, which is the office area of senior executives such as Jia Yueting, R&D engineers and supply chain management departments.

Like Silicon Valley entrepreneurs, opening doors is an open, giant office with hundreds of jobs at a glance. Some people are drawing on computers, others are discussing solutions in twos and threes, and there are worknode maps related to FF91 posted on the demo board.

It is also evident that nearly half of the workplaces are vacant. Insiders confess that the company has just experienced a round of reductions, with 400 people suspended in this round of reductions. At present, there are about 450 people left behind. In addition to this office address, there are also some employees in the trial production center, Hanford factory and Silicon Valley. At its peak, the company employs more than 1,000 people.

In addition, it is worth mentioning that within the two office buildings, within a few steps, there is a FF brothers product - Le TV, which continuously plays the video released by the former FF91 products, and Jia Yuetangs figure flashes occasionally.

Jia Yueting made an internal speech in the conference room and hung a lot of music and TV sets.

Unfortunately, the emperor did not see him for three hours. Only in the corner of the huge office, found his desk, in addition to the YTjia logo, there is no difference with other desks. There are three display screens on the table. The corner of the table is covered with colorful stickers, which are his daily tips.

He was still in the office yesterday afternoon, but not today, the employee told the emperor.

According to Xiao Waijun, Jia Yueting is committed to introducing investment to solve FFs fund problem. Within FF, the development of FF91 is still under way, while a new car (compared with FF91, customers are positioned as younger users) has also entered the discussion of the shape scheme.

However, from the employees description, FFs recent situation may be improved, and the employee will resume full pay, including the foodtruck which provided lunch before. Once we have talked about financing, many brothers are willing to come back to work, an employee told him, many employees are from the beginning of the FF brand to enter the company, very emotional to the company, but as a source of income at home, in similar circumstances, pay suspension, pay reduction can only find another way out.

He also said that after job-hopping, employees voluntarily subsidize companies and fund companies to set up foundations. Every time in the storm, employees who have not left are holding on to the dream of realizing a dream.

In his opinion, the same is true of Boss Jia.

FFs absence from CES Gala made a high-profile appearance last year

On the first floor of the U-shaped building is the workshop and Exhibition area. Its lunch break time. Mr. Nuo sees that there are still several engineers testing vehicle data. With the permission of a staff member, Mr. Nuo can drill into one of the test vehicles to get a glimpse.

This reminds Mr. Hao of the high-profile appearance of the FF91 prototype at last years CES, the top international consumer electronics event, and the fact that todays CES exhibition is held in Las Vegas, where FF and its products have disappeared.

At that time, the fate of a prototype car, along with the relationship between Evergrande and FF, drifted away. After Hengda became a shareholder, the prototype car was shipped to China. It was originally planned to be displayed in the lobby on the first floor of Hengdas Guangzhou headquarters. Because it was tightly covered, it once triggered the tracing, photographing and reporting of the media, including Yuanwaijun.

The exhibition hall where many kinds of products are displayed is forbidden to take photos.

But now, it has not really appeared, just waiting for the original way back to the United States - Evergreen FF divorce plan agreed that these assets will be returned to FF - in the view of the emperor, it is just as embarrassing as the former lover broke up and returned gifts.

Hengda and FF have started to separate and will be completed soon.

In the forbidden sample exhibition hall, Mr. Nuo saw several FF R&D iterations. It was just before the black-and-white FF91 exhibit parked here that the smiling owner Xu was photographed with his thumbs up.

The clinker, less than half a year, is a matter of human rights and wrongs.

In terms of equity, Hengda Health holds 32% of the preferred equity of Smart King Ltd. (FF parent company), and 100% of the Hong Kong subsidiary of FF.

Specifically in terms of assets, FF will transfer the plant and land of Nansha factory to Hengda Health. Correspondingly, Hengda will return all patents, equipment, trademarks and the original team to FF.

After the handover, the names of FF Hong Kong and Guangzhou Faraday Company will be changed. There will be no FF, Faraday Future or Faraday in the new name of Evergrande Company.

In this way, Hengda got land and Jia retained FF control. This is the separation plan. As for employees, they are assigned to FF China before August 6, 2018, and Hengda after August 6. As far as you know, the separation will soon be completed.

Because this emperor did not see Jia Yueting, he was unable to answer the key questions that the outside world was most concerned about, such as how FF91s financial situation could be smoothly produced. Time will give the best answer.

In an internal letter from the family, Boss Jia announced that FF91 would follow up on its commitment to product delivery and subsequent product development, and that FF was confident of ushering in a new phase of business development in 2019.

Can FF really win the battle? Many people are waiting to see.

(Zhang Yingling, Netease Finance and Economics Intern, Zhang Yan, from Los Angeles)

Source: Netease Financial Responsibility Editor: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541