Friends and wives sequel? Ex-husband: Wanda called me when Ikardi was playing.

 Friends and wives sequel? Ex-husband: Wanda called me when Ikardi was playing.

Although Lopez and Wanda are divorced, they have three children and occasionally get together for the sake of their children. For example, during the New Year, when Vanda and Icardi returned to Argentina for vacation, Lopez also appeared at the party, while a photo of Lopez and Vandas sister Sarah sparked a heated debate, when Sarahs clothes were exposed to talk to Lopez.

In response, Lopez said, Take a picture with her sister Sarah? I dont know why this photo was posted on the Internet. I only wanted to spend the New Year with my children, but Wanda objected, so I won the chance to spend an hour with them. I dont know the purpose of exposing this picture, nor what it will bring to them.

Maxi Lopez and Wandas sister

After the FriendsGate incident, Lopez and Icardy met several times in Serie A. At first, they refused to shake hands, but then the relationship eased and exchanged. What did we say on the pitch? Those are what opponents will say on the court, very brief. But if I make this public, Im afraid they wont let me meet the children all the time for the past two years.

Wanda responded quickly to her ex-husbands comments by tweeting, Maxi, do you have anything more interesting to do than talk about me? Although Wanda later deleted the tweet, it was still retained by media screenshots. At present, Wanda is not only Ikardis wife, but also his agent, and Ikardi just publicly said this week, Wanda will always handle my brokerage business until the end of my career. It is hoped that the words of former Frepez will not affect the couples feelings of the Inter captain. Source: Netease Sports Author: Fu and Responsible Editor: Feng Haotian_NSJS2656