Twenty years ago he witnessed Manchester Uniteds Champions League winner and now hes leading the big clubs to the club.

 Twenty years ago he witnessed Manchester Uniteds Champions League winner and now hes leading the big clubs to the club.

Levi is a typical Jew, very good at business, smart home, will not misuse a penny, who trades with him will often feel pitted. How strong and tough is Ferguson in the Premier League? But Levi also had no advantage in front of him. Fergusons purchases of Berbatov and Carrick from Spurs were a waste of energy and money. Sir Alex finally dropped a classic line: Its hard to dig from Spurs with Levy here.

Objectively speaking, Levy is a very good team manager. Over the years, he has transformed Spurs into a strong team in the Premier League and Europe. He has won numerous reputation and is loved by Spurs fans. However, because he is too smart, many teams are reluctant to deal with him. Its the so-called business. Every time you make money, who wants to do business with you? This time, Levy has warned Manchester United not to play Pochetino.

The Daily Mirror revealed that Levy had informed the teams top management of his decision and that he was Frank that Pochetino would not go anywhere and that he would never let him leave Spurs. Bocchetinos contract with Spurs has four years to go and the value of the remaining contract is 34 million pounds. Levy stressed that even if Manchester United were willing to break Pochetinos contract by 50 million, he would not agree. The British media hold two attitudes towards Levys approach: 1. He is such a temper, and must do what he knows. It is estimated that Manchester United will find it difficult to dig. 2. What he did was to hint that Manchester United could take Pochetino away with more than 50 million pounds.

In the interview, Pochetino also exposed himself 20 years ago. At that time, Manchester United played in the Champions League final with Bayern Munich at the Nou Camp Stadium. Pochetino and his teammates came to the scene to shout for Manchester United. At that time, Pochetino was still playing for the Spanish club. I went to the scene as a neutral fan, but then I worked very hard to shout for Manchester United. Their goals were fantastic. When Sheringham scored, the game had been played for 90 minutes, and even Schmeichel was in the penalty area. I exclaimed:Wow, its a fantastic game. Its time to stop and make up for injuries. Then Solskjaer scored again, we shouted, we celebrated. I dont know why I did that. At that time, everyone was more innocent. This is the real idea in my heart.