From Cui Yongyuans Dou Fa to Qinling Villas, whats the meaning of Shaanxis repeated public demonstration

 From Cui Yongyuans Dou Fa to Qinling Villas, whats the meaning of Shaanxis repeated public demonstration

Everything in the past is a preface.

Shakespeares Storm

CCTV seldom moved out the golden slot which was used to broadcast the TV series. It occupied this time period. It was a special feature film Catching Up to the Right Times, which disclosed many details about illegal villas in Qinling Mountains.

Such a deliberate time arrangement is obviously intended to release signals to the outside world, especially to Shaanxi Province. It is necessary to magnify the game around the Qinling villas over the years, not only confined to the violation of the Qinling villas, but also to show it as a typical case of universal significance.

If the previous official announcement only stayed at the level of document criticism and officialdom rectification, it would be deliberate to use CCTV, the most important propaganda tool of the central government, to produce feature films, to open up the rules of official secrets and to expose them naked to the public. Let Shaanxi officials, including many high-level officials such as the Standing Committee of the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, in the documentary red face, sweating, tell the people outside the camera why the incident has not been cured, Yang Fengyin violation, prohibition and non-stop.

For officials at the top of the pyramid of power, such criticism is far more severe than internal notification criticism. In the comments of some netizens, the high-level action is like a street show to Shaanxi officialdom.

Five Disadvantages of Shaanxi Bureaucracy

From July 2018, the Deputy Secretary of the Central Discipline Commission of the Communist Party of China, Zhengzhen, demolished the Qinling Villa in Shaanxi Province, to this time, the inside story was opened in the form of feature films, and the details tray came out in order to directly expose the five aspects of the bureaucratic system in Shaanxi. ?

First of all, it is still no order, no prohibition, violation of Yin and Yang, deception from the top and deception from the bottom. Since 2014, General Secretary Xi has issued six instructions on illegal villas in Qinling Mountains. In May 2014, the first approval was sent through the inspection office of the Central Office of the Communist Party of China, which specifically requested the Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee and the principal government officials to pay attention to this matter. According to the description of the parties in the film, the Shaanxi Provincial Committee did not carry out communication learning at the Standing Committee of the Provincial Committee at that time, nor did it conduct thematic research, and the documents were circulated in the hands of the provincial government leaders.

Second, the new officials ignore the old accounts. Ji Qing, the former mayor of Xian who was resigned because of the Qinling villa incident, appeared in the documentary, saying that he thought these things were before his appointment and that some new officials were afraid to settle old accounts.

Third, the responsibility system of local leaders is not in place. The delay in demolishing villas in Qinling Mountains is closely related to Shaanxi Provincial Party Committees opening one eye and closing one eye. The main leaders have not shouldered the responsibility of local leaders.

Chenlu Villa is located in Caijiapo Village, Shijing Town, Zhaoyi District, Xian City.

In 2014, of the 202 villas claiming to have been renovated, only part of them were actually disposed of: 17 villas claiming to have been completely demolished were not completely demolished; 47 villas claiming to have been confiscated had not fulfilled any substantive formalities for nationalization, but had only been sealed on their doors.

Fourth, collusion between officials and businessmen and bureaucratic corruption. The film reveals that the reason why the illegal villas in Qinling Mountains could not be demolished is that local bureaucrats colluded with villa developers and traded power and money.

Fifthly, the bureaucratic political outlook is distorted and the ecological civilization is neglected. For local governments, real estate development is the key to the rapid development of local economy. It can not only be seen and touched, but also can make the local GDP data rise rapidly. Why not? Therefore, the ecological environment and so on can be sacrificed.

Shaanxi, located in the northwest of China, has been in the eyes of the national public opinion storm for the past two days. People cant get busy when they look at Northern Shaanxi today and Qinling tomorrow.

Why did Shaanxi repeatedly strike back?

In this case, only 200 villas were reported in Xian. Shaanxi Provincial Committee did not check them and reported them directly to the central government. As a result, inaction became the label of Shaanxi officialdom. After Xi Jinping gave six directives on this matter, Shaanxi still failed to solve it thoroughly, which is an intolerable political issue.

The question is, almost all the onlookers see that this is going to be a major event. Why should Shaanxi be hard-pressed to the end?

Looking back on 2018, there are still many puzzling and unsatisfactory points:

In May 2018, Xian Rongchuang Changan No. 1 Rocking Number Gate incident, the most concerned public officials (from deputy office level to department level) were disposed of as follows: 8 were dismissed, 5 were severely warned and punished by the Party, 8 were overcharged, 14 were overcharged, 6 of them were also adjusted to management positions. Punishment because there is no public public officials list and details of the treatment, so that some netizens speak frankly, which makes the enterprise a backseat pot man. Question: What about other rockers?

NetChuan Rongchuan Tianlang South Changan Street No. 1 Project Owners List, Tuyuan Chinese Business Forum.

The impact of the financial crisis is far from the real estate market itself. The concern it arouses reflects peoples worries about the relationship between government and business, their disappointment with the business environment and the principle of fairness, and their discontent with the self-protection of Xian officialdom.

Concerning the illegal construction of Qinling villas, Shaanxi is still hiding and squeezing toothpaste. In the past six months, it has avoided hiding the core issues.

Apart from the problems pointed out in the documentary, we can also see that:

At the end of October 2018, the announcement of Shangguan Jiqing was transmitted to the Xian Municipal Party Committee. At the internal meeting of Shaanxi Provincial Party Committee, the results of Shangguan Jiqings treatment were reported. At the end of November, rumors began to circulate in the society. However, it was not until the special documentary was broadcast that Shangguan Jiqing was officially confirmed to have been subjected to two yearsinspection by the Party and was demoted to a non-leading post at the deputy office level.

Apart from several officials involved in the case shown by CCTV, Shaanxi itself has not yet announced any officials punished for violating the responsibility of building villas in Qinling Mountains. On the contrary, there have been farces about the suspicion of Chen Lus super-large villas and 400 villas without owners.

It seems to the outside world that Shaanxi itself is almost mentally retarded in dealing with the illegal construction of Qinling villas, and it is obviously inaccurate to locate the political elite of the Three Qin Dynasty as mentally retarded. What is the reason, then, that makes Shaanxi appear so passive?

Maybe we can find the answer from the 100 billion mining cases in northern Shaanxi.

Northern Shaanxi is a confrontation and Qinling is a club

The 100 billion mining rights case in northern Shaanxi is a good specimen for studying the deep integration of Shaanxi officialdom shopping malls. Because Zhao Faqi and Liu Juan, two pioneers, fought with each other and let no one fight, and both sides mobilized and gathered a large group of people to fight together, which led to the case as if it was the scene of a frozen murder case, so that we can all see clearly. Know how the usual shameful activities are carried out.

Zhao Faqi School:

Zhao Faqis identity tags are farmers and petitioners, but he was a multimillionaire in the 1990s, when Ma Yun and Ma Huateng did not start their own businesses. If you want to be an ordinary coal owner, with his ability, the whole billions of people are not so difficult. Zhao Faqi, however, has been following the exploration area of the Polo Minefield and is going straight to Chinas richest man and the worlds richest man.

Liu Juan School:

Liu Juans label is typist, Mrs. Guan and Hong Kong businessman.

Liu Juan went to Hong Kong in 1992 and returned to Xian as a Hong Kong businessman in 1994. She staged a wealth story from zero to ten billion yuan in 14 years.

Before and after going to Hong Kong, Liu Juan opened a game hall (casino) in Xian. Her game hall is located on the ground floor of Xiaozhai Commercial Building in Yanta District. The New Times Square and Yiye International Square in Xian are also located in Yanta District. Her husband is the deputy director of Yanta District.

As early as 2013, hundreds of billions of Polo coal mine cases were ignited by public opinion. Many media, such as finance and economics, Peoples Daily, pay attention to Liu Juans mysterious life, but there is no actual context.

If Liu Juan is willing to work in real estate all the time, maybe she can mix up with the richest man in Shaanxi. Unfortunately, Liu Juan, who is accustomed to making quick money, has the same ambition as Zhao Faqi. She also stares at that huge mine and stages a farce of fighting between dragons and tigers, which lasts for more than ten years.

Zhao Faqi put it plainly, that is, the representative of local tyrants in the era of coal and oil rising in northern Shaanxi, collusion between officials and businessmen, money and power trading, has become a clear rule in some regions and industries. Do you believe that the Western Survey Institute is willing to cooperate with him and accept such harsh conditions that nobody or no money can open the way?

Liu Juans energy is much greater than Zhao Faqis. She can not only rely on the relationship between Shaanxi Province, but also find the Central Enterprise Sinochem Group to set up a joint venture project company.

If one side concedes defeat and withdraws, or if both sides cooperate, the case may never be known. However, the interests are too big, there are too many people to divide accounts, and the comprehensive strength of both sides is too close. Zhao Faqi has been reporting to the central government from the provincial level, winning the second trial, losing the second trial and winning the final trial. A large number of behind-the-scenes heroes have also come to help, Land Bureau, Geological and Mineral Bureau, Municipal Government, Provincial Government, Provincial High Court, Supreme Court, CCTV, Big V... From concealment to no taboo, the situation of Shaanxi government secret letters exposure, the theft of the Supreme Court case files, and the video recording by judges for self-protection was unfolded.

Yesterday, Cui Yongyuan posted a request on the Internet, exposing the note Wang Linqing wrote to him before losing his connection.

Thanks to the fighting methods of these two groups of officials and businessmen, people can solve the doubts about the illegal construction of Qinling villas in Shaanxi Province. If the 100 billion mine case in northern Shaanxi is a farce of uneven distribution of stolen goods, the Qinling villa incident is the current situation of unity.

Therefore, Shaanxi can take place in the Qinling villa incident, the whole resistance to the central authorities from top to bottom.

Renovating Villas in Qinling Mountains and Rebuilding Political Rules and Disciplines

Of course, this feature film is not just about villas, catch the right time after all. What is the trend? Not only is it a clean and honest style, but the words in the feature film may not be more straightforward and direct: The main leaders should personally act on the important instructions of the General Secretary, which is one of the most basic political rules in our Party. In this sense, the original intention of the feature film is not to say that it violates the construction of villas, but to use this vivid example to emphasize political rules and discipline.

For China, many maladies in the bureaucratic system must be solved by obeying the central authority, which requires political discipline and rules. However, in fact, both inside the bureaucratic system and outside people are used to the political discipline and political rules that Secretary-General Xi emphasized successively, but they do not take it seriously. They are regarded as cliche in political discourse, and they just ignore the roles that these two words have played in reshaping the bureaucratic system.

As far as the governance methods, steps and effects of Qinling villas are concerned, not only the central government has been dissatisfied with them for half a year, but also the peoples opinions on governance are very large. Shaanxi has become a typical example of violating political discipline and political rules. If Shaanxi fails to learn lessons, the storm from the central government will become more and more severe.

This special film does not specifically point to a person or a department, but to a whole combing of Shaanxi, not only refers to the violation of Qinling villas, but also points to a kind of political thinking. Who can say that there is only one illegal construction of Qinling Mountains in Shaanxi? Who can say that the illegal construction of Qinling Mountains has been completely solved? The Qinling Villas that once stood on the ground are both physical and intangible challenges to the authority of the central government and tramples on the interests of the people.

Shaanxi really understands the signals released by this feature film?