The Age of Four Tennis Majors: Murray is retiring and Ferner is struggling to support him

 The Age of Four Tennis Majors: Murray is retiring and Ferner is struggling to support him

Murray is the second youngest player among the four heavenly kings. Now that Nadal and Federer are still holding on, Murray may have to say goodbye in advance.

Murrays first warm-up show of the new season was actually quite smooth. However, Murray said he had been fighting injuries, but found it might be difficult to overcome them.

Djokovic: The best future for his comeback is uncertain

Just before the Australian Open draw this year, Federer wore Djokovics top hat on the Australian Open. As the youngest of the four giants, Djokovics current status is unknown.

Looking back at the game, the worlds No. 1 admitted that he suddenly lost control of the game. But the host was apparently not impressed by his speech. Will you change your Australian Open goals? To this question, Djokovics answer is still concise and without hesitation: Champion.

Nadal: The pain of injury and illness

Since the Shanghai Masters in 2017, Nadals knee injury has been repeated, forcing him to withdraw from all the pre-Australian Open warm-up competitions in 2018, and finally in the final of the mens singles in 2018 Australian Open, he retired because of injury regret and stopped in the top eight.

In the Australian Open of 2019, Nadal is the most popular outgoing player, although he is the second seed. In deciding to withdraw from the Brisbane Open, Nadal admitted, If you insist on playing, you will probably have to rest for another month, it is likely that you will not be able to participate in the Australian Open, I hope to adjust to the best physical condition before the Australian Open.

Federer, 38, has already begun planning for a career curtain call. At the end of 2018, although Federer promised to play in the Tokyo Olympic Games in 2020, he also said that he would pay more attention to his physical condition and play selectively.

Closing the curtain with flowers and applause

Djokovic has been the most favorite of the Big Four in the new season. Looking at the situation of mens tennis, 2019 may be Djokovics best year.

As the 2020 Tokyo Olympics get closer and closer, the attraction of Olympic medals may keep the Big Four for a while, but starting with Federer, fans want to see them play a full season will become a luxury. Farewell may come inadvertently. Although farewell, the era they created will always belong to them; for the fans who have accompanied Federer, Nadal, Djokovic and Murray since 2000, this time only belongs to them.