The famous English mathematician Artea died and claimed to prove the Riemann conjecture.

 The famous English mathematician Artea died and claimed to prove the Riemann conjecture.

Obituaries from the Royal Society of England

The Godfather of English mathematics who claimed to have proved the Riemann Conjecture in September 2018 was a double winner of the Fields and Abel Prizes. Although the Riemann Conjecture presented at the Heidelberg Award Winners Forum later did not receive widespread recognition, Artia made outstanding contributions to the field of mathematics, especially algebraic geometry, and was praised as the greatest of our time. One of the great mathematicians.

Sir Michael Attia

Attias early work focused on algebraic geometry. Influenced by Alexander Grotendick, he and Friedrich Hitzbruch co-founded the Topological K Theory, which is an important tool in algebraic topology. It is the first important generalized cohomology theory. His most famous achievement is that in 1963 he cooperated with Isado Singer to prove the famous Atia-Singer index theorem for elliptic operators. This theorem has far-reaching applications in differential equation, complex geometry, functional analysis and theoretical physics, and is recognized as one of the most important mathematical achievements in the 20th century. Subsequent work in this area also includes the Artia-Bott fixed point theorem which he cooperated with Raoul Bott. After the 1970s, his interest turned to gauge field theory, focusing on the mathematical properties of instantons and magnetic monopoles. In the past 30 years, the study of low-dimensional topology and infinite-dimensional manifold geometry has been greatly inspired by quantum field theory and chord theory, and he is one of the main advocates in this emerging field. Edward Witten and other mathematicians were deeply influenced by him.

He won the Fields Award in 1966, the Copley Award in 1988, and the Abel Award in 2004 with Singh.

Attia was the president of the Royal Society of England (1990-1995), the dean of Trinity College, Cambridge University (1990-1997), and the president of the Royal Society of Edinburgh (2005-2008), and was elected as a foreign academician of the Academy of Sciences. From 1997 until his death, he was also an honorary professor at the University of Edinburgh.

His students include famous mathematicians such as Graeme Siegel, Nigel Hitchin and Simon Donaldson.

On September 24, 2018, Michael Attia claimed to prove Riemanns conjecture, but he could not convince mathematicians.

He died on 11 January 2019 at the age of 89.

Source: Responsible Editor of Scientific Research Circle: Wang Fengzhi_NT2541