Members: Strengthen the Utilization of Underground Space in Beijing Residential Tenancy by Various Means

 Members: Strengthen the Utilization of Underground Space in Beijing Residential Tenancy by Various Means

The second session of the 13th Beijing Political Consultative Conference will open in the afternoon of today (12th). In the morning, the members will report to the residence one after another. Zheng Shi, a member of the CPPCC, and the deputy general manager of Beijing Architectural Design Research Institute Co., Ltd. suggested that laws, regulations, policies, science and technology should be adopted to promote the utilization of the underground space vacated by residential buildings.

Zheng Zhenzhen, member of the CPPCC Committee, reported to the reporters for an interview. New Beijing News reporter Wang Guibin

Zheng Shi brought forward the proposal of using underground vacation space of residential buildings to make up for the shortage of livelihood services shortboard this year, which mentioned that in the special action of removing and renovating, the cleaning and renovation of residential basement has achieved remarkable results, but also produced a large number of idle space. On the other hand, the shortboard problem of community public services is very prominent, such as community office, old-age support, warehousing and stopping. There is a demand for cars and so on, but the land for construction on the ground is insufficient.

To this end, Zheng Shi suggested that laws and regulations should be revised to establish the basis for utilization, formulate and promulgate unified policies and regulations for the use of evacuated underground space in the whole city, clarify the direction of use and prohibition provisions, and form a simple and applicable examination and approval mechanism for the reuse of underground space and a long-term management mechanism.

It can also improve the quality and safety through technological transformation, including the addition of underground elevators, ventilation settings, dehumidification equipment, air quality monitoring, civil air defense and non-civil air defense heating and water metering, intelligent and necessary fire fighting facilities and other advanced technical means. To compile special technical standards, guidelines and atlases to improve the design level of underground space.

In terms of use mode, we should strengthen innovation, establish a variety of investment and operation modes, make underground use form a virtuous circle of the market by appropriately restricting the functions above ground, and solve the problem of insufficient popularity of underground space use by means of intelligent internet.

Source: Wang Zheng_N7526, responsible editor of Beijing News