Building walls and driving people to welcome the New Year? Trump or use U.S. forces to build walls

 Building walls and driving people to welcome the New Year? Trump or use U.S. forces to build walls

According to CBSs website, Trump threatened to bypass congressional approval and use executive orders to promote the implementation of wall-building grants on the grounds of bringing border areas into a state of emergency in the face of intransigent Democratic lawmakers. Later, Trump said he would use the U.S. military to complete the construction of the separation wall. Although at first sounds ridiculous, Trump, who has always been out of line, is likely to push this idea into reality.

According to US media analysis, the problem of illegal immigrants entering the US-Mexico border is likely to be an excuse for Trump to declare a state of emergency in the region. Although the phenomenon of illegal immigrants from Mexico crossing into the United States may not be as serious as Trumps exaggeration, the recent emergence of refugees from three Central American countries (Guatemala, Honduras and El Salvador) fleeing from social unrest has indeed exacerbated tensions in the border area between the United States and Mexico. According to the website of Newsweek, the refugees gathered in the cities of Tijuana and Emosillo, Mexico, to try to collectively cross the barrier built by the United States for asylum. In order to stop the refugee flow, the US military and police even fired tear gas around the New Year to greet each other, but still did not stop the strong desire of refugees to survive. Trump may advance his desire to build a wall on the grounds of the turbulence on the border.

The U.S. military is deploying barbed wire along the border.

In a state of national emergency, the cost of repairing the wall does not have to be approved by Congress, but it will undoubtedly come from the vast number of taxpayers in the United States, except that the money should be charged to the military expenditure of the United States. US media said it was not clear how much the Pentagons budget could be used to repair the wall, but it was certain that once Trump declared a state of emergency, the US Army Corps of Engineers could immediately take over the task of repairing the wall.

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