Chinese fans let the United Arab Emirates Stadium fall to tears! Local workers: Seeing the National Football Team is like seeing relatives.

 Chinese fans let the United Arab Emirates Stadium fall to tears! Local workers: Seeing the National Football Team is like seeing relatives.

Due to religious beliefs and other reasons, the United Arab Emirates is a relatively conservative country, but due to the hosting of the Asian Cup, there are many foreigners influx, Abu Dhabi also appears to be particularly lively, open and conservative around the stadium is also very opposed.

Abu Dhabis local temperature is not low, many female fans still wear very cool to the stadium. In our lives, it is customary for any girl who loves beauty to choose her favorite clothes, but under the religion of the United Arab Emirates, the beautiful women are covered by the black veil. Outside the stadium, you can often see Chinese and Filipino women fans dressed in light clothes on one side, while on the other side are some local women who only show their eyes. The visual contrast is very strong.

Chinese football fans flash to cheer National Football Team (Source:)

After entering the stadium, not many Mohammed Ben Zayed were surrounded by red. Wu Leis two goals deserved to be the best player in the field. When Yu Dabao broke the Philippines gate again, the game could be declared early. Excited Chinese fans turned on the flashlight and sang the march of the volunteers together. The scene was spectacular.

Chinese fans roared in support of the national football team (source:)

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Emirates drift refuels the national football team (source:)

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